The new F-Zero game is real and it’s out on the Nintendo Switch now

F-Zero 99 is lowkey Nintendo’s way of reminding everyone that it hasn’t forgotten about the franchise yet.

Nintendo, the massive gaming company with an abundance of legendary properties, has just revived another beloved franchise with a new spin.

Fans of the fast-paced racing series “F-Zero” are finally getting a new game after over 20 years of waiting. Presenting “F-Zero 99,” the most recent installment in the “99” battle royale game series that the developer has been releasing.

This new game, which was shown at the most recent Nintendo Direct, is free for all SwitchOnline users who have access to Nintendo Switch.

However, this isn’t just any F-Zero game. F-Zero 99 is a game that takes inspiration from the battle royale model made popular by games like Fortnite. The objective of the game is not to cross the finish line first. Instead, they must survive a high-speed, futuristic racing gauntlet against 98 other players. Similar to the 1990 premiere of the first F-Zero, players will feel a wave of nostalgia for the game’s SNES visual design and timeless soundtrack.

The game mechanics give the series a new twist. There will be a “Power Meter” with two uses for each of the 99 participants. Racers can use this meter to temporarily increase their speed, giving them an advantage over rivals. Crashing into other pilots or the guardrails on the track, however, may cause this meter to deflate. The meter must be totally empty to be eliminated from the race. Players must therefore strike a careful balance: should they take a chance by using their power for speed, or should they play it safe?

The ability to gather “Super Sparks,” which are released when competitors clash, adds yet another level of strategy to the game. You can access the “Skyway,” a different track that is elevated above the main one, if you gather enough of them. This presents a priceless opportunity to go ahead of rivals and raise one’s standing in the competition. To increase the replay value of the game, players will also have the opportunity to acquire different cosmetic options for their cars when they accomplish in-race objectives.

F-Zero 99 is free as long as you have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Although F-Zero 99’s release has been well received, not all of the criticism has subsided. The series’ devoted followers, many of whom have been waiting impatiently for a new mainline release, are left wanting more. They believed that Captain Falcon, the series’ iconic figure, would make a triumphant return to the racing scene on Nintendo’s current flagship system, the Switch, which is renowned for its outstanding first-party titles. Although Captain Falcon has continued to be famous due to his appearances in the Super Smash Bros. series, it has been over 20 years since the release of F-Zero Climax on the Game Boy Advance. Many had hoped to see Falcon piloting his futuristic racer once more.

But there are some indications about Nintendo’s possible future paths with this latest release. Super Mario Bros., Tetris, and Pac-Man are just a few of the iconic franchises that have already used the “99” structure. With the return of F-Zero in this format, there is much conjecture as to which beloved series may come next.

It’s encouraging that Nintendo has brought “F-Zero” back after such a long break, despite the conflicting reviews. The latest release demonstrates the company’s readiness to draw from its extensive past and bring back cherished properties for both new and seasoned gamers. Even without requiring an Expansion Pack tier, the game is immediately available as a benefit for Nintendo Switch Online users, which only serves to enhance the offer.

F-Zero 99 is the sort of low-effort but high-impact re-release of older entries that Nintendo should do more of as the Nintendo Switch enters its twilight years.

It’s true that “F-Zero 99” has given a franchise fresh life that many had believed had been abandoned, even though it may not be the full-fledged sequel that many had hoped for.

It’s a promising hint at what Nintendo might be working on and offers a seductive taste of fast-paced, futuristic racing.

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