The NBA 2K24 file size is a lot bigger than Starfield

Leave it up to a game featuring Kobe Bryant prominently to trump all, just not in a way most would like.

Concern over the exponential increase in video game download sizes is growing, particularly among console gamers. The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series S/X, in particular, have comparatively tiny stock storage capacities. Thus, most people cringe at the idea of playing a game that needs at least 100GB when it comes out. As a result, you can only image how worried owners of Xbox Series S/X and PS5 are at the moment after it was disclosed that the upcoming basketball simulation, NBA 2K24, will take up an astounding 161GB on next-generation systems.

With hundreds of planets to explore, Bethesda Game Studios‘ newest game, Starfield, only needs 126GB on the Xbox Series S/X and 140GB on the PC at debut, and it enjoyed over a million players at launch.

What gives, then? Why does NBA 2K24 take up more storage space when it is a game that, in my opinion, doesn’t look as well as Starfield?

It is evident that games are becoming larger and demand more space as they get more sophisticated in terms of graphics and features. Even though this is not a novel occurrence, it has caused the gaming community to react, particularly when compared to other games. MLB 23 takes 83GB, but the well-known football game Madden 24 just needs 51GB. Nevertheless, NBA 2K24 is over three times bigger than FIFA 23 and other comparable sports games.

A discrepancy this great in file size raises concerns about optimization and the need for such high storage requirements.

The issue of growing file sizes becomes particularly difficult for consoles that are exclusively digital. This has prompted manufacturers such as Microsoft to release updated devices with more capacity. For example, the newly announced Xbox Series S, which retails for $299, includes a 1TB hard drive to meet the increasing requirements of contemporary games.

NBA 2K24’s file size is a problem for PS5 owners who don’t have fast internet speeds.

However, many have expressed concerns regarding NBA 2K24’s optimization due to its massive size. Even though Starfield is a space epic, it has performance problems; many gamers can’t even get a playable frame rate. With its enormous scope, let’s hope that NBA 2K24 doesn’t experience anything like these issues when it launches.

Oddly enough, despite NBA 2K24’s massive file size, the game offers a ton of improvements. The dribbling and shooting mechanics have been improved to make them easier to understand.Players can relive a number of memorable moments from Kobe Bryant’s remarkable career in the Mamba Moments campaign mode, which enhances the gameplay even more.

Although managing digital storage might be difficult for players due to the growing size of games, this is a testament to the rich experiences, intricacy, and ever-evolving nature of video games. Gamers will have to adjust, either by spending more money on bigger storage devices or downloading less files.

NBA 2K24 will be out on all major platforms on September 8.

Basketball enthusiasts are currently on lockdown, anticipating the September 8 release of NBA 2K24. But as more games exceed the limits of digital scale, the industry will need to face and resolve the practical and logistical issues this trend raises.

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