The Joe Rogan Experience podcast will be in Grand Theft Auto 6

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After being “officially” revealed and then leaked online, Grand Theft Auto 6 has generated an unprecedented amount of expectation in just one year. Desperate fans are searching the internet for any kind of information regarding the upcoming release in the best-selling series, whether it be genuine or not. The renowned podcast presenter and former UFC commentator Joe Rogan, however, is rumored to have appeared in GTA 6 through episodes of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. This strange story has recently swept the GTA community by storm.

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the biggest podcasts in the world.

A report from Audiviser, which cited a trustworthy source close to Rockstar Games, kicked off the speculation. According to a report, players may be able to listen to a certain JRE radio station while exploring the game’s open-world. Official specifics are still unknown.

To provide a more immersive experience, real-world components such as the Joe Rogan Experience are used. But let’s face it, the Grand Theft Auto series is hardly a model of realism. Well-known for its satire and parodies, GTA has a history of making fun of many facets of American culture, including politicians and celebrities. Notable previous examples include the franchise’s parody of well-known US locales, such as Vice City and Los Santos, which represent Miami and Los Angeles, respectively, and the Dr. Dre appearance in The ContractDLCforGTA Online. While Dr. Dre’s appearance may have signaled the arrival of a more famous cast of characters in the GTA universe, things get complicated when Joe Rogan gets involved.

We’re not going to lie, a satirized version of Joe Rogan’s podcast would make for quite the trippy experience in the game.

To start, Grand Theft Auto is a progressive, left-leaning game that frequently parodies conservative groups through its in-game radio stations and storylines. Unless he is self-deprecating or satirical, Joe Rogan’s inclusion seems out of place for the show. Additionally, Joe Rogan has kept a notable distance from the game sector. Even if he isn’t a billionaire, Rogan is doing rather well for himself. However, it is difficult to envision him returning to the world of video game voice acting after having a bad experience (he didn’t enjoy having to record many takes for UFC commentary).

Stranger things have, however, happened in the past.Out-of-the-ordinary fame can succeed if handled properly, as seen by Death Stranding and its assortment of appearances.

Combining the virtual and the actual world is an exciting idea that is very GTA-esque. What better way to “upgrade” the immersion—given that Grand Theft Auto 6 takes place in the present day—than to add podcasts to radio stations? An absurd conspiracy theory-filled parody of Joe Rogan’s podcast would be a fantastic addition to Grand Theft Auto. Isn’t that more in line with the GTA aesthetic? Making fun of American absurdities instead than accepting them fully? We can only speculate as to how hilarious it would be to drive through what appears to be a contemporary version of Vice City while listening to this podcast.

GTA 6‘s version of Joe Rogan wouldn’t run out of guests to invite and things to talk about.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to confirm its legitimacy, much like with a lot of other GTA 6 leaks. In terms of GTA 6, it becomes a risky venture to distinguish fact from fiction. Not to be overlooked is the franchise’s history of intricate leaks and hoaxes. Consider this rumor with a grain of salt, like with anything related to Grand Theft Auto 6. We can put this away for now as just another fascinating option.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen if Joe Rogan’s voice will accompany us on fast-paced chases, breaking down everything from neurobiology to Bigfoot. But one thing is certain: even in the absence of official confirmation, the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game continues to draw some of the most bizarre, intriguing, and divisive conversations.

Even though GTA 6 isn’t out yet, it delivers the classic Grand Theft Auto experience in several ways already.

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