The first DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is available now

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are expected to be the final pair of mainline Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch.

Players can now officially begin playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC, The Teal Mask, as the game’s 2.0.1 patch has arrived.

The most recent expansion for the most recent video game entries in the Pokemon franchise makes its debut in the first half of the two-part DLC. If they haven’t started playing already, series fans are excited and looking forward to the wealth of stuff that is in store for them.

With the reveal of the Teal Mask, players are introduced to the Kitikami region, a brand-new exploration area. The newest area, which appears to be nestled near Paldea, stands out on its own and emphasizes the goal of setting The Teal Mask apart from the DLCs of earlier Pokemon games. The Kitikami region is more than simply a new geographical area; it is teeming with over 100 new Pokemon that are just waiting for players to find and train. Pokemon fans and novices alike will be captivated by the combination of well-known characters and fresh additions.

At least seven new Pokemon species are revealed to players in The Teal Mask, including the fabled Ogerpon and three Pokemon—Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti—that have their roots in Momotaro folklore. Fans of Applin will not be disappointed with the introduction of its latest version, Dipplin. The DLC also features Poltchageist, a Pokemon that resembles Polteageist but is a whole different species.

The experiences in the Pokemon universe are not yet finished, though. The Teal Mask is only the beginning of a much longer story. The Indigo Disk, the game’s second installment, invites players to the Blueberry Academy. Although the connection between the two DLCs is still unclear, it is clear that The Indigo Disk intends to bring back Partner Pokemon from earlier generations. In addition, fans may expect new Pokemon, like as the mysterious Paradox Pokemon Raging Bolt and Iron Crown, and Archaludon, a Duraludon evolution. With information about the occurrence of terastallization and its connections to the fabled Pokemon Terapagos, these offerings are certain to enhance the overall story.

The Teal Mask DLC is available to anyone who can’t wait to start this new adventure after they buy The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Expansion Pass from the Nintendo Switch eShop. The Indigo Disk and Teal Mask DLCs are both accessible with this pass.

It remains to be seen if there are plans to release more DLCs for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

A word of caution: Scarlet and Violet have different passes, so players need to make sure they get the one that matches their base game.

The story of the DLC begins after the First Day of School chapter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. When players get a call from Jacq on Rotom, they tell them about the yearly school trip. By pure happenstance, the main character effortlessly gets a position on the trip to Kitakami. Players will meet up at the Naranja Academy in Mesagoza as part of the adventure, and they can choose to fly using the map or go by foot. To get to Kitakami, first have a conversation with Briar, who is strategically positioned in the academy lobby. Jacq helps by adding information about Pokemon found in Kitikami to players’ Pokedex. Players can opt to practice, go shopping for necessities, or catch more Pokemon as they get ready for this thrilling adventure. Once everything is ready, players are transported to the Land of Kitakami by speaking with Briar and confirming the choice.

The game allows players to freely move between Kitakami and Paldea, providing them with the option to take a rest or explore different landscapes. A little map check is all that is required.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet continue to sell relatively well for the Nintendo Switch despite a launch mired by myriad of performance issues.

For Pokemon fans, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s The Teal Mask DLC is an absolute feast, offering hours of discovery, puzzles, and mystery.

Later this year, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s second part of the two-part DLC, The Indigo Disk, will be accessible.

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