The Final Fantasy 9 Remake might have been delayed to 2025

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After the latest discoveries, if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, you’re most likely on a Gold-colored Sky Chocobo—you know, the endgame-type ones that can traverse every area of Final Fantasy 9.

Final Fantasy 9 is arguably the last time that Square Enix“>Square Enix released a game that followed the series’ traditional formula.

There are a plethora of wondrous adventures to be had, ranging from the highly anticipated release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in 2024 and the Xbox release of Final Fantasy 14, to the critically praised release of Final Fantasy 16, which is officially receiving a PC portand at least two additional DLCs. However, rumors are spreading among the role-playing community that we will be revisiting the settings of Final Fantasy 9 and 10, owing to leaks from the reliable source I’m a Hero Too.

But keep in mind that nothing is finalized just yet, so hold onto your Moogles. So here’s the thing. The leaker is putting more fuel on rumors that the summer 2024 release of the Final Fantasy 9 remake is no longer planned. “Maybes” are as ubiquitous in video games as Final Fantasy’s Chocobos. As a result, the game may have been delayed until 2025, if not until late 2024. Lastly, the leaker mentions Final Fantasy 10-3 in passing while hinting at the presence of a “skeleton crew” for a remake of Final Fantasy 10.

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As intriguing as whether or not we’ve all been speaking to the same Gilgamesh in every entry is whether these two are part of the same effort or are independent endeavors.

But remember, this is just the beginning of the delicious stuff. In addition to these unauthorized, jaw-dropping revelations, the leaker revealed that Square Enix obtained new PS5 development kits. We are discussing the much-discussed but unconfirmed PS5 Pro console. Although there isn’t any official word yet, there are rumors that Sony is working on something revolutionary. In the event that the Pro is never released, at least there are more verifiable hints pointing to a PS5 Slim version.

Furthermore, let’s not exclude Nintendo in this platform discussion. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake appears to be functioning smoothly on Nintendo’s upcoming system, as Square Enix is allegedly experimenting with a Switch 2 development kit.

Final Fantasy 9 holds a special place in the hearts of many JRPG fans.

While this doesn’t necessarily imply that the first installment of a trilogy of planned remakes would land on a Nintendo platform, it also can’t be ruled out.

Of course, one should always proceed with caution when dealing with leaks. The commemoration of Final Fantasy 9’s 35th anniversary earlier this year fueled the rumors of a remake. Even though we were all excited to see Vivi and Zidane again in stunning visuals, Square Enix played a mischievous game, merely saying, “Thanks for the Memories,” without providing any further information.

There is still hope for fans of Final Fantasy 9 thanks to independent projects like the Memoria Project. This amazing but unplayable effort offers us a tantalizing peek at what a contemporary version might entail. Similar to the Cactuar in the room, it’s difficult to ignore and something Square Enix should be aware of.

Releasing Final Fantasy 9 in 2025 would pave the way for at least one of the DLCs for Final Fantasy 16 to be released next year.

The original Final Fantasy 9 was a turn-based marvel with a chibi-esque style that is as timeless as a Final Fantasy love story, which is what fans really want. It continues to have the highest Metacritic rating of any Final Fantasy title. It would be like winning the lottery for an RPG if an accurate retelling with voice acting, quality-of-life enhancements, and refined graphics were produced.

And so here we are, amidst conjecture, wishful thinking, and a wealth of possibilities inside the realm of Final Fantasy. Although Final Fantasy 16 and 7 Rebirth serve as the franchise’s current poster children, the fan base is already excited about the prospect of revisiting more beloved, earlier settings. We’ll be monitoring summer 2024, but in the interim, it’s all gossip, guesswork, and a lot of grinding in current titles.

Are these renowned games likely to be remade? Currently, it’s similar like trying to catch a rare summon; you never know. However, what a treasure that would be.

Nonetheless, Sea of Stars is presently playable on both the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass if you’re itching to indulge in a vintage JRPG.

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