The Astral Purple is the latest addition to the Xbox wireless controller family


Microsoft has introduced the Xbox Wireless Controller – Astral Purple, the newest controller in their lineup, in an ongoing effort to get us to part with our hard-earned cash.

The Astro Purple controller is a statement rather than merely a standard addition. The controller body is all purple, and the thumbsticks and buttons are also covered in the same color. The immaculate white casing of this new controller, which highlights the Astral Purple’s two-tone design, is what makes it stand out.

Because Microsoft hasn’t altered the Xbox controller’s useful design, gamers can still enjoy the hybrid D-Pad design, which offers accurate navigation, and the textured grips on the bumpers and triggers, which guarantee you won’t lose your hold during the hottest moment of your next competitive match.

It should come as no surprise to Xbox players that the console maker has experimented with color this year. Up to now, Xbox has introduced the Stormcloud Vaporthat, which has a smokey swirl design, the Remix Special Edition, which honors Earth Day, and the Stellar Shiftcontroller, which has a deep space feel to it. It’s undeniable that Xbox appears to be in a creative mode, consistently producing visually striking designs.

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest Xbox Controller designs (although there is a dedicated fan who is making a commendable effort), but in a world when individuality and self-expression are more valued than ever, why settle for the mediocre? especially with Xbox providing such delicious options.

In the end, these small pleasures are what sustain us amidst the flood of grievances and disappointments from game producers. Thus, the Astral Purple controller could be the ideal pick-me-up if you’re a collector, seeking to upgrade, or just in the mood to spoil yourself.

Xbox controllers are quickly becoming a collector’s dream.

It’s good to know that pre-orders for the Astral Purple are now open if you can’t wait to get your hands on one. This controller is yours for a just $64.99. But with all the enthusiasm around it, you’ll want to move soon as there’s a strong chance it may sell out shortly.

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