TennoCon 2023 unveils new Warframe updates and features, including cross save progression

TennoCon 2023, the annual in-person event that covers everything Warframe, has been overshadowed by the recently finished Gamescom 2023. Developer Digital Extremes has revealed a number of new features and upgrades for the game in honor of its tenth anniversary, including a release date for the eagerly anticipated cross save progression support feature.


The new Warframe Heirloom Collection, which includes skins for Mag and Frost, the guardians of the Origin System, was unveiled on August 26 at TennoCon 2023, which was held in London, Ontario, the birthplace of the third-person shooter RPG. These skins can be applied to both the base Warframes and their Prime variants. The Collection also offers the Profile Accolade, Regal Aya, Platinum, and the Signas class, a brand-new way to customize.

Fans are angry that the unique, limited-edition Heirloom Collection will only be offered until December 31 and cost an absurdly exorbitant $89.99. Furthermore, players will be dissatisfied to hear that the Zenith, Celestial, or Risen Heirloom Collection can only be bought with real-world money, instead of Platinum, the in-game currency of Warframe. Even worse, the pack only contains a pitiful 600 Platinum.

Warframe is one of Digital Extremes’ most successful titles, with nearly 50 million registered players.

Fortunately, the dismal Heirloom Collection was countered by a more encouraging announcement: cross save progression is expected to be added to the free-to-play game before the year is up. Although cross-platform play between consoles and PC was added early this year, since the game’s release, players have been unable to continue up where they left off in the game if they choose to play it on a different platform. A definite launch date for this eagerly anticipated feature has not yet been revealed.

The highly anticipated fantasy MMORPG Soulframe, developed by Digital Extremes and presented at TennoCon last year, is currently in active development. Fey and Ode Tempest, two of the three benefits provided by the Pacts feature that enables players to switch between classes, were highlighted during a 30-minute gameplay demo for the fans.

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In addition, the planned Whispers in the Walls expansion is scheduled for release in the coming winter. Whispers in the Walls, a “new story-driven cinematic quest,” will immerse players in a fatal confrontation between Albrecht Entrati and the mysterious Man in the Wall. Along with this, the update will add a brand-new secondary weapon class called the ethereal Grimoire, a previously undiscovered faction called the Murmur made by the Man in the Wall, as well as a redesigned and expanded set of foes in the form of the Necramech faction.

The Abyss of Dagath update, a new frame-focused update that will bring Dagath, the 54th Warframe, with a new weapon, is scheduled to release in October. There will also be new seasonal content and quality-of-life improvements, such as a revamp of Companions, a redesign of the tidal plunderer Hydroid, an update of Focus acquisition, the removal of problematic modifications and MK-1 weaponry, and many more.

The Warframe: 1999 expansion, which follows an enigmatic character by the name of Arthur on his search for Dr. Entrati, is slated for release the following year. Given that Arthur’s armor resembles the sword-themed Warframe, the next addition, set in a retro future before the Old War, promises to explain more about Excalibur.

The Origin System will be available on iOS next year, which will excite gamers who like to play on mobile devices. Preorders for the mobile edition are currently available on the App Store, and players who place their sales before the game’s official debut will receive a 3-Day Affinity Booster and the special Bombyx Syandana.

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