What does SOS mean? The Universal Distress Signal Explained in 2023!

what does sos mean

Even young children at play know that the proper way to alert others to a life-threatening situation is to wave their arms and repeatedly yell the three simple letters SOS. Perhaps you need to be rescued from an island surrounded by lava and home to human-eating crabs. If you have a pen, you may write them on your hand and flash them at people. You can also write them on

How to use Spotify Web Player?

spotify web player

On desktop and mobile devices, consumers may stream their favorite songs using Spotify, the industry leader in music streaming. Spotify’s desktop and mobile apps allow you to use any of these devices to listen to music. There is an online player for Spotify, though, which some consumers might not be aware of. You can use your desktop or mobile web browser to stream music. Therefore, using this to stream music

NSFW labels are being removed by moderators on Reddit. Why?

NSFW labels are being removed by moderators on Reddit. Why?

Reddit no longer allows users to view adult content on the site using external apps. Last month, CEO Steve Huffman said that, beginning July 5, users would no longer be able to view mature content using third-party apps. Explicit content is now only accessible via the official Reddit app, which requires users to log in. Reddit CEO Steve Huffman wrote in a post last month, “Effective July 5, 2023, we