Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn will arrive this November

Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn will focus on a newcomer named Nazamil who is on the run from Dahnans.

Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn will focus on a newcomer named Nazamil who is on the run from Dahnans.

If you enjoy action role-playing games, you have probably heard of Tales of Arise, the 2021 release from Bandai Namco.

The game has garnered a lot of popularity from both reviewers and players. It was well-received by critics upon release, and it even took home the Best RPG trophy at the 2021 Game Awards. With over 2 million units sold as of past April, the game has also sold a lot of copies.

Two years have passed since the publication of Tales of Arise. Fans have been clamoring for a DLC to revitalize and enhance the tale during that time. It appears that Bandai Namco will now grant that wish.

The publisher, Sony, revealed a DLC pack for the game titled Beyond the Dawn at their most recent State of Play event. During the event, Bandai Namco also unveiled a reveal trailer for the expansion, which offered us a quick peek at what to expect.

A year has passed since the events of the base game, in which the conflict between the Dahnans and Renans was resolved, when Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn takes place. The main cast of the original game is present in the story-content DLC, along with a new character named Nazamil. Nazamil is a wanted man, in contrast to the other characters who are welcomed by Dahnans. Due to her father’s position as a lord who sided with the antagonists in the first game, she is being pursued by Dahnans who want to hurt her.

The game’s producer, Yusuke Tomizawa, claims that Nazamil is descended from both Dahnan and Renan. This, however, does not deter her assailants. In the trailer, as he leaps to her aid, they are even prepared to face off against Alphien, the main character.

The story trailer for Beyond the Dawn not only shows us a glimpse of the game’s plot but also its gameplay. First of all, we get to witness the characters’ newly acquired skills. We also witness these skills in action, and we can attest to how amazing they appear.

Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn is a story-content DLC that is set one year affter the original game.
Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn is a story-content DLC set one year after the original game.

According to a post by Tomizawa on the PlayStation site, finishing Beyond the Dawn would take players longer than 20 hours. He also discussed their intentions for the game, one of which was to give it a cinematic atmosphere.

According to him, “I spent over 20 hours immersed in this new narrative experience during the test play, taking my time to re-explore the new world that has been merged into one. The new storyline is enormous.” One thing we knew going into the test play, which is our goal with this title, is that gamers will feel something like to the satisfaction one feels after seeing a well-made film.”

We believe the Tales team has done enough to accomplish their goal if the finished game looks anything like the unveiling trailer. However, until the game is published and we have a chance to play it, we won’t be able to say for sure.

The PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S can all play Tales of Arise. Beyond the Dawn will be available starting on November 9.

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