Starfield is having issues running in Intel GPUs

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Starfield’s GPU problems are still present. This time, the much awaited Bethesda RPG is apparently having trouble running on IntelArc GPUs.

ntel has provided a driver update with just a day remaining in early access.

Intel has provided a driver update with just a day remaining in early access.

Starfield is set to launch tomorrow, and it appears that the game’s performance problems extend beyond Nvidia GPUs. Even with the lowest graphics settings, several gamers with Nvidia GPUs during the early access period reported experiencing poor framerates. With the release of DLSS-supporting modules, modders have improved performance on some of the more recent graphics cards.

Additionally, players have mentioned on social media that Intel Arc GPUs do not support Starfield. Some players have complained that while utilizing Intel GPUs like the A750, the game window completely disappears. According to reports, the Starfield application was open and consuming a lot of resources when seen through the Windows Task Manager. There have been failed attempts to move the window into the forefront, though.

Players who were displeased expressed their complaints on social media, which prompted Intel to respond. The maker of PC hardware acknowledged that Starfield on the Arc GPU is a problem.

Intel tweeted, “We are aware of issues with [Starfield] on Intel Arc graphics.” “We are making improvements to the game experience in preparation for its general release next week.”

For players that upgraded to play the game five days before its official release or paid for the premium edition, the current state of affairs is highly annoying. The fact that Intel gamers were left out in the cold when AMD and Nvidia published driver updates for Starfield over the weekend only served to worsen the problem. The new failure with Starfield isn’t helping Intel’s situation; the company has been trailing behind in GPU sales.

We verified that Intel had delivered on its commitment to release a driver. Intel said that it has released a new driver for gamers that addresses issues with Starfield that have been identified. With additional upgrades, Intel pledged to continue working to enhance stability and performance.

For those who are using Intel Arc graphics to play [Starfield], we have released a new driver. Extended load times are among the many functional concerns that this upgrade addresses, according to Intel.

The driver engineering team wants to release their updates for this title as soon as possible, but they are still working very hard to enhance stability and performance.

Despite the problems that plagued Starfield in early access, the game has garnered the greatest attention on social media. Reviewers have given Bethesda high marks for creating a high-caliber role-playing game that will last for a long time. Others have pointed out that Starfield fulfilled its claim to be the least problematic studio release.

But once reviews are open to the public, the PC version’s performance problems can have an impact on the game’s review scores. Currently, only media sources and Steam curators are able to review the content. Given how polarizing Starfield has been for the gaming community, it won’t be shocking if some players begin to flood Steam with negative reviews.

Starfield will launch on September 6, 2023, for the PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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