Starfield is Bethesda’s least buggy game at release

As of right now, Starfield is considered to be Bethesda‘s biggest game.Microsoft cannot afford to release another game that has as many game-breaking bugs as Redfall did.

Sources reveal that Starfield has just a few bugs.

Games from Bethesda have a history of being released with numerous bugs. Within the gaming community, jokes and memes have been made around these bugs. It appears that Starfield will alter the story, though.

Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming contacted anyone who had the chance to play the game. The “least buggiest” game to date, according to the report’s sources, will be Starfield. Henderson’s sources are still prohibited from publicly commenting about the future space RPG since they are still subject to the embargo.

Even though the game was under embargo, journalist Tyler McVicker published his experience playing it and claimed that he had “not a single bug” in his first 15 hours of play. Such a statement is extremely encouraging for Starfield and shows that Bethesda made an effort to ensure the game’s quality.

Players will not encounter many bugs in Starfield.

Henderson also made contact with members of the Bethesda Quality Assurance team. The sources agreed with McVicker’s views on bugs and talked anonymously. All five employees said they only came across a few bugs, and most just cited one or two small problems. More importantly, a day-one patch will fix the few flaws that the QA team discovered.

Henderson’s sources are a sample size when compared to the player base at launch, it is important to keep in mind. It is simple to think that a million people will play the game at launch given the buzz around it. As time goes on, players will gradually discover additional problems with the game. Another group of players deliberately tries to violate game mechanics.

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In a June interview with Giant Bomb, Matt Booty, the CEO of Xbox Game Studios, mentioned issues. If it was released in June, he claimed, it would be the studio’s least buggy game, having seen the internal bug counts.

Xbox Games Studios boss Matt Booty said in June that Starfield would have the fewest number of bugs if it shipped today.

It would have the fewest bugs of any Bethesda game ever released, according to Booty’s analysis of bug counts while working with Todd and the crew.

Starfield will continue to have bugs, that much must be made plain. Even the most flawless video games contain bugs. But for a game the size of Starfield, a few problems sounds amazing. Bethesda made a wise decision by postponing the game until 2023 so that developers would have ample time to polish it and fix bugs.

On September 6, 2023, Starfield will be available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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