Starfield has officially gone gold, pre-load dates revealed

We don’t frequently find ourselves in the midst of the hullabaloo, rumors, and hopes of a game launch that has the potential to change gaming as we know it. Nevertheless, here we are, just before Bethesda‘s newest epic, Starfield.

Whether you like it or not, Starfield is going to dominate the headlines for the foreseeable future.

It’s been a while since we last left the Starfield train. The game’s captivating charm was first hinted during E3 2018. Gamers have been enticed by the prospect of exploring over a thousand planets, taking on a “astonishing” number of side missions, and making choices that influence branching pathways and factions for years. But now that everything has come together, Starfield has turned gold.

The phrase “going gold” in the gaming industry is revered among outsiders. In the past, it indicated that the game’s final version had been preserved on a unique gold-colored master CD. Then, duplicates of this master were made in order to saturate retailers with new copies of the game. The game is prepared to soar, even though the golden discs of past may be a relic.

Why is this point in time so important to Bethesda? Their first single-player RPG since the renowned Fallout 4 greeted us over eight years ago is Starfield. It’s the studio’s first original property in what feels like an eternity, which is more essential.

The Elder Scrolls franchise secured Bethesda’s place in the hall of fame of video game developers, but Starfield is a step into the unknown and a task the studio hasn’t tackled in a while. Bethesda wants Starfield to not simply equal but surpass its prior accomplishments.

Beyond the game itself, Starfield’s creation represents important turning points. It’s one of the first games produced by Microsoft since the computer giant bought ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda. This brought together Bethesda and a few other studios under one roof, which will only get bigger now that Activision Blizzard will soon be included. The fact that Starfield is only Microsoft’s second game to be created with union workers is also a proud nod to the changing nature of the gaming business.

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The year-long delay appears to have only done Starfield well.

Starfield is anticipated with great fervor. Players on Windows PCs and Xbox Series S/X are getting ready for the preload, which is currently planned on August 17 and August 30 respectively. Preloading enables you to download the game beforehand for those who are unaware. So, when release day finally arrives, you’re prepared to take off without any delays. An impressive act given Starfield’s large 125GB size.

The cosmos will open up a little sooner on September 1 for those who have previously reserved their boarding pass with the Premium Edition. Before the rest of the globe joins in, there are five days of early investigation. On September 6, however, the world will be accessible to everyone thanks to Starfield, which will be available on Xbox Series S/X, PC, and Xbox Game Pass from the start.

Bethesda promises an extensive main campaign in this large area that can be completed in a modest 30 to 40 hours. The appeal of unexplored worlds and side quests, though, may significantly extend that playtime for the completionists among us.

As the realization of one of Bethesda’s biggest dreams, Starfield is a passionate project done right.

With a cosmos that seems to go on forever, Starfield has the makings of a classic story. The setting is now set for what may be a game that defines this generation, and Bethesda has the craft, the legacy, and the legacy itself.

Congratulations to Bethesda and everyone who has struggled beneath dim stars. Players, get your ships ready, plot your itineraries, and may your exploits in Starfield become lore.

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