Star Citizen’s has raised $600 million in crowdfunding

Star Citizen has secretly raised an additional $100 million through crowdfunding as Bethesda‘s Starfield is taking center stage. Despite the significant financing, a complete release is still a long way off.

Star Citizen receives at least ,000 in funding daily from backers.

Star Citizen has been a project for Cloud Imperium Games for the past ten years. Since its release in 2012, the space exploration sandbox MMO has purportedly attracted over $600 million in funding, according to the game’s website. Over 4.7 million people have backed Star Citizen so far.

Star Citizen has received $59 million in crowdfunding this year, according to CCU Game. Due to the game’s $19.1 million in fundraising, May was the largest month for Cloud Imperium. According to the official website, Star Citizen has been receiving between $50,000 and $186,000 per day this month.

The game received the most funding overall in 2022, at $110 million. The current year, along with 2021 ($86 million) and 2020 ($78 million), has the fourth-highest player-backing. The game has collected $100 million in funding from backers over the past year.

The game has over 4 million backers supporting the game.

As the most expensive game currently under development, Star Citizen is extending its lead. Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt Red came in at number two with a development budget of $357 million. With a $249 million budget, The Last of Us Part 2 is a pitiful imitation of Star Citizen.

Grand Theft Auto 6 might overtake Star Citizen as the most expensive game currently in development, though. According to reports, the latest GTA game has a $2 billion budget.The anticipated release window for GTA 6 is between April 2024 and March 2025.

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Early access to Star Citizen costs roughly $45 according to Cloud Imperium Games. To play the game, players will need to purchase one of the starter packs. Players can also purchase ships at between $45 and $1,100. Backers might also choose to give the developer additional money.

Outside of its devoted player community, Star Citizen has a bad image. Many players believe the game will never get past the early access phase. But given the money the game is now receiving, it could be preferable for the studio to keep up the work.

Star Citizen is currently the most expensive game in development.

Squadron 42, Star Citizen’s single-player companion, is still in development. The single-player campaign and the base game still have no set release date and could take years to complete.

Early access to Star Citizen is available for PC.

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