Square Enix makes Final Fantasy 16 PC Port official

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Everyone has been wondering, “Will it or won’t it?” in relation to the PC version of Final Fantasy 16. Now, though, all curiosity about the often-left-out PC gamers may be put to rest thanks to producer Naoki Yoshida. Final Fantasy XVI on PC is no longer simply a rumor circulating across Valisthea; it is now a solid plan.

Talk about doubling down on its most recent success, Square Enix is releasing a PC port and two DLCs for Final Fantasy 16.

The news was released as a collection of updates rather than as a single flash of inspiration. After appearing on a video message during the ‘Voices from Valisthea’ voice actor panel at PAX West 2023, Yoshida revealed himself as the one with the much-awaited news. In addition to the PC version, two sets of DLCare that packs available for purchase were also given the go-ahead.

This expansion seeks to satisfy the appetite of those who are thirsty for more combat challenges and richer narrative nuances within the complex universe of Valisthea.

Positive reviews have been given to Final Fantasy XVI, especially for its battle system. This has probably made fans more impatient for platform releases and more content. According to Yoshida, players’ feedback was evident: they desired to learn more about Valisthea’s history and spend more time interacting with its inhabitants.

It was an irresistible call to action that sparked development on two DLC releases to broaden the game’s lore and universe.

Let’s return to the story of the PC version now. It is not unfounded to argue concerning its existence prior to the formal disclosure. Previously, Square Enix had stated that the game was “available on PC,” but they later withdrew that statement. As though holding out the proverbial carrot, Yoshida had already mentioned that he had a PC portis next on his list of things to complete. He underlined that because of the optimization needs, the switch to PCs will take some time. “We won’t be able to optimize it in half a year, even if we start optimizing the PC version after the PS5 version comes out,” he said.

We’re now curious to see how big the Final Fantasy 16 DLCs are going to be.

It was an irresistible call to action that sparked development on two DLC releases to broaden the game’s lore and universe.

Indeed, optimization is a challenge, especially in light of the PS5 version of FF16’s flawless transitions between its many breathtaking locales and gameplay segments. These are essential components of the gameplay that must be authentically duplicated on PC; they are not technological issues. When Yoshida addressed the matter, he pointed out that two important areas that need attention in the production cycle were the removal of loading windows and the seamless transitions between cutscenes and gameplay.

Not to be overlooked is the Xbox angle, which adds even another level of excitement. The fact that Square Enix will be present at TGS 2023 alongside Xbox raises questions in the wake of the announcement that Final Fantasy XIV will be available on the Xbox platform. Is Final Fantasy XVI going to be another feather in Xbox’s expanding JRPG cap?

Final Fantasy 16 was a huge undertaking for Creative Business Unit III, so the DLCs should be just as large and expansive.

Yoshida has a lot on his plate, including the recently revealed Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which will launch on the PS5 in early 2024. However, he committed to providing information on Final Fantasy XVI before the year ended, covering both the PC version and the forthcoming DLCs. If you only remember one thing, it’s this: patience will be your best friend, whether you’re hoping to trade in your PS5 controller for a mouse and keyboard or waiting for DLC to drop. The only thing that is clear is that Final Fantasy XVI is only getting ready for its next big chapter and its adventure is far from complete.

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