Sony working on a new Astro Bot game for the PlayStation VR 2

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There has been an odd lack of first-party games on the PlayStation VR2 since its February launch; the only game on its software lineup is the unimpressive Horizon: Call of the Mountain. Many have pointed out that a sequel to the widely acclaimed Astro Bot: Rescue Mission—often regarded as one of the best VR games to date—is a conspicuous omission.

A new Astro Bot game would do very well on the PlayStation 5“>PlayStation 5 and/or the PlayStation VR 2.

Though specifics are still tantalizingly few, recent trademark filings in the US and Europe imply that the endearing bot may soon make a successful comeback. This is an intriguing turn of events.

With the release of Astro Bot Rescue Mission for the original PlayStation VR, Astro Bot—who had previously been a little-known character in the freePlayStation 4tech demo The Playroom—became a fully realized PlayStation icon. However, “Astro’s Playroom,” a game included with the PlayStation 5, caused his notoriety to soar. Not surprisingly, Sony’s Team ASOBI, a full-fledged first-party developer now, wants to continue Astro Bot’s exploits given the character’s journey from tech demo character to first-party star.

When the astute Gematsu pointed out that Sony had filed several trademark applications for Astro Bot, none of which were definitely connected to a particular game, the mystery only grew. Further findings at the U.S. Trademark Office supported these filings. This is the kind of well-planned legal wrangling that usually comes before a big announcement. More fuel for the rumors came from a presentation given recently at the CEDEC 2023 developer conference, which featured a slide showing Astro Bot as an example of a virtual reality game.

This is by no means an announcement, but it’s getting harder and harder to miss the clues.

Additionally, rumors from within have begun to surface. Renowned industry insider Shpeshall_Nick raised the prospect of an Astro Bot Rescue Mission PSVR2 port.

While PlayStation’s exclusive lineup remains exceptionally strong, some argue that it could be better.

Since the highly praised platformer has been trapped onto Sony’s first-generation VR hardware due to backward compatibility difficulties, if this is genuine, it might give the game new life. Even though many would probably prefer a brand-new adventure made just for the PSVR2, a remaster may act as an appetizer by bringing Astro Bot to the attention of a fresh audience and making use of the improved features of the most recent VR headset.

Without a “cute” mascot, Astro Bot might be Sony’s take on Mario, a classic figure who appears in a plethora of quests throughout several universes. Setting Team Asobi to work on a full-fledged platform wouldn’t be the worst idea. Incorporating a variety of its intellectual properties and harnessing the spirit of a Mario 64-style game would be a great way for Sony to produce an exclusive gaming experience that sticks out in a market full of mediocre games, if these trademark applications truly portend such a release.

It’s a shame that Sony and other companies don’t invest in platformers as much anymore.

Thanks to his distinct charm, flawless controls, and ingenious level designs, Astro Bot has become the official PlayStation mascot. His games are a painstaking investigation of the hardware they are designed to run on, blending inventive gameplay and Easter eggs in ways that appeal to both casual players and die-hard enthusiasts. It’s clear that a full version could capture the nostalgia and charm that have always characterized great platformers, elevating these attributes to a new degree of game craftsmanship.

Although a formal announcement has not yet been made, the indications seem encouraging. Asobi has stated publicly that they are working on their “biggest and most ambitious” project to date, and the scale and complexity of their personnel plans support this claim.

Astro Bot’s future appears to be as bright as a supernova if these hints are any indication, and it remains to be seen whether or not Sony will reveal the details of this adored character’s next adventure. The guessing game will go on until then, but one thing is certain: whatever Sony has cooking in their creative lab is going to pique people’s interest and probably cement Astro Bot’s legacy on the PlayStation.

The next Astro Bot game could be revealed at the still-to-be-confirmed PlayStation Showcase“>PlayStation Showcase later this month.

For the time being, platformers interested in a game can play Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. The most recent game in the venerable first-party Sony series received a 2021 GOTY nomination and was just recently released on the PC.

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