Saints Row reboot to be part of PS Plus Essential September 2023 lineup

As subscribers eagerly anticipate the September 2023 PlayStation Plus Essential, sources indicate that Saints Row: The Third will serve as the offer’s main attraction.

This definitely isn’t a good look for the rest of the PS Plus Essential lineup for September 2023 if Saints Row is its “best” game.

Billbil-kun, a Dealabs member well known for releasing PS Plus lineups, is said to have revealed the information. This latest installment, which takes place in Santo Ileso, aims to take the Saints Row series back to its roots with a more “grounded” narrative while still maintaining the series’ trademark zaniness. On Wednesday, August 30, Sony is expected to make an official announcement.

Players can anticipate Saints Row to be redeemable between September 5 and October 3 if the rumors are true. If we ask the game’s early adopters, this isn’t really a highlight but rather a last-ditch effort to try to restore the game’s reputation.

The Saints Row reboot lacked the charm, vibe, and even the polish of the original games in the series.

The Saints Row reboot, which was released ten years after the final Saints Row game, has had its share of highs and lows. It was a sincere attempt to offer a Grand Theft Auto alternative, but it fell short on several counts. Saints Row 2 marked the franchise’s zenith, and thanks to the goodwill it built up, the subsequent games essentially sold well. The revival had nothing going for it, which raised questions about the brand’s future.

However, there is cause for optimism with the Saints Row reboot. Since being combined with BorderlandsGearbox, Volition has released notable upgrades and DLCs that may improve the gameplay, especially when combined with the PS Plus inclusion and the launch-day bargain.

Unfortunately, Saints Row received criticism for its basic gameplay in addition to the story. Its shoddy gunplay and terrible plot simply didn’t connect with anyone. However, Saints Row has a respectable visual aesthetic and a unique environmental art style.

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At the end of the day, it’s a “free” game for PS Plus Essential subscribers, so Saints Row should be, at the very least, worth at least an hour of your time.

On the other hand, if you haven’t yet played Saints Row, this PS Plus offer might be precisely what you need. Its open-world dynamics, action scenes, and missions do have some merit despite the bad reviews. With the correct viewpoint, it can be a fun-filled sandbox experience even when its humor occasionally misses the mark.

In addition to the Saints Row reboot, there is a lot of buzz about potential PlayStation releases. Leaks and rumors have always been prevalent in the PS Plus world. Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War and Alan Wake Remastered were just this July’s early releases. Saints Row’s likely inclusion makes one wonder if PlayStation will unveil any additional surprises along the lines of Elden Ring, God of War Ragnarok, or Marvel’s Spider-Man. While announcing Saints Row as the featured game, Billbil_kun remained mum on the other supporting titles.

Unfortunately, this could imply that the other two games won’t be as popular as Saints Row, which isn’t the ideal perspective.

The Saints Row reboot was so bad that GTA 5 outsold it in the same month that it came out.

Of course, the experiences are subjective, just like with all the popular games. There is no questioning the Saints Row universe’s iconic status in the game industry, whether you enjoy its silliness or dislike how far it has strayed from its core.

If it’s any comfort, PS Plus had a busy month in August with the addition of Sea of Stars on August 29. This JRPG title, which pays homage to the genre’s classics, was well-received prior to release. It’s the first game to simultaneously be made accessible on PS Plus and Game Pass.

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