Rust creator reveals plans for a sequel, says it won’t be a Unity game

Rust's creator dropped a not so subtle hint that a sequel is in the works.

Rust’s creator dropped a not so subtle hint that a sequel is in the works.

Unity revealed a few days ago that certain creators using its game engine will now have to pay a fee each time a player downloads their game. A game must surpass both a minimum lifetime install count and a minimum income threshold in order to be impacted.

The new policy was met with opposition by many developers, which created a stir in the video game industry. Their responses varied from pleading with players not to install their games to threatening to remake them using an alternative engine.

The designer of the survival video game Rust, Garry Newman, has now added his voice to the heated discussion.In an article that he posted on his blog, Newman harshly criticized Unity’s new guidelines.

According to Newman, the implementation of the policy is the issue, not Unity’s price. Then he listed his complaints about the policy, citing, among other things, the fact that Unity is making rule changes without first contacting the developers who utilize its engine.

We used the engine since you pay up front and then ship your goods, according to Newman’s writing. This was not disclosed to us as a possibility. They did not warn us. No one consulted us. We have been developing Rust on the Unity engine for ten years. We’ve given them money each year. Finally, the regulations have been modified.”

Newman criticized Unity's recent policy that will see some developers charged an extra fee for new installations.
Newman criticized Unity’s recent policy that will see some developers charged an extra fee for new installations.

The creator of Garry’s Mod charged Unity with acting inconceivably and betraying its patrons’ confidence. The worst business to oversee the Unity Engine, according to him, is Unity. The faith has vanished.

Newman also regretted that Facepunch Studios, his company, had not created its own gaming engine. Then, he declared that a Rust sequel would not be made using the Unity game engine, while hinting that it is under development. “We had ten years to make our own engine and never did,” he said. Many game firms must be experiencing similar feelings right now. Let’s avoid repeating the same error; Rust 2 will undoubtedly not be a Unity title.”

Many people consider Newman’s Rust to be among the greatest survival games ever created. The game had sold over 12.5 million copies as of the end of 2021. Earlier that year, it even reached the top of Twitch‘s ranking. Given the success of the game, Newman’s threat to abandon Unity development of Rust 2 will undoubtedly cause the company’s upper management to reconsider their choice. The crucial question then becomes whether or not they will pay attention and reconsider the decision.

Since he and his firm have not made any announcements regarding a Rust sequel, Newman’s blog post is the only hint that we have of one. Based on what we can tell, the game is either still in the very early phases of development or is merely a concept on Newman’s moodboard. You may be sure that we’ll let you know if and when new details become available.

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