RUMOR: Bungie’s upcoming IP codename ‘Gummy Bears’ will be developed using Unreal Engine


With its most recent project, Bungie, the highly regarded gaming company known for iconic properties like Halo and Destiny, is allegedly venturing into uncharted territory. It appears to be saying goodbye to its venerable Tiger engine in favor of Epic’s Unreal Engine at this time, but maybe not.

Codenamed “Gummy Bears,” Bungie is presently developing a new IP, according to The Game Post. Although the American developer has not revealed many details about this new project, rumors have it that the Unreal Engine is powering the game.

Epic Games is the developer of the Unreal Engine, which is a major force in the gaming industry, notably with its most recent version, Unreal Engine 5. Bungie’s decision to abandon their cherished Tiger Engine is what’s really intriguing.

Despite its reputation for spaghetti code, Bungie’s Tiger Engine—previously known as the Blam Engine—has been a mainstay and the foundation of the company’s consistent success. This technology is what gives games like Halo and Destiny their seamless gameplay and engrossing experiences. Why then the abrupt change?

Project ‘Gummy Bears’ isn’t your normal Bungie title, though. To begin with, it’s not a first-person shooter. A colorful MOBA-style game with isometric gameplay and “cute characters” is what early reports seem to indicate.

Real-time strategic components are reportedly allegedly included in the game, which would further complicate its design. In light of all these factors, it is conceivable that the studio is experimenting with Unreal Engine to determine how best to use it in this novel gameplay environment.

It’s also important to note that Bungie has been hiring a lot and is especially seeking candidates with experience with the Unreal Engine. This suggests the studio’s dedication to this new approach, as does the fact that it has been working on the “Gummy Bears” project for some time.

Some may contend that Bungie is assuming a risk at this point. It is a risky decision to forgo the well-proven Tiger Engine in favor of the untested Unreal Engine. However, isn’t that what Bungie is recognized for? Its capacity for creativity, innovation, and surprising its devotees?

Destiny sold over $325 million at retail in its first five days, making it the biggest new franchise launch of all time.

It’s impossible to avoid wondering if this is the beginning of a new chapter for Bungie as we anxiously await more information on this intriguing project. Anticipate the unexpected is the one lesson we’ve learnt from Bungie throughout the years.

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