Rockstar celebrates the tenth anniversary of Grand Theft Auto V with GTA Online special event

Players can expect a lot of loot from the upcoming special event.

Players can expect a lot of loot from the upcoming special event.

Ten years ago, Rockstar Games debuted their highly successful sandbox action-adventure game. For Grand Theft Auto V’s tenth anniversary, fans anticipate that the studio will go all out.

Grand Theft Auto Online will host a special event to commemorate GTAV’s impending tenth anniversary, according to a statement from Rockstar. The company gave a sneak peek at what gamers may expect over the anniversary week on the Rockstar Social Newswire. Gamers will receive limited-edition treasures, a complimentary vehicle, and collectibles.

Rockstar revealed, “Next week, keep an eye out for a special celebration that honors Grand Theft Auto V’s tenth anniversary in GTA Online with new collectibles, the fierce Bravado Hotring Hellfire sports car, and more.”

For several weeks, GTAOnline has been preparing for this occasion. In the game, players have witnessed numerous weeks of double money and steep discounts on businesses. In addition, some of the most well-liked game modes in GTA Online offered triple money and XP benefits.

There will be a lot of freebies during the anniversary event in GTA Online.

While GTA Online gamers may find the announcement of a special event intriguing, most franchise fans have been hoping for more from Rockstar. There have been reports that we may be receiving official information about Grand Theft Auto 6 shortly, thus many gamers are anticipating an announcement or teaser for the game.

According to Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, the business plans to release a big game in fiscal year 2025 (which spans from April 2024 to March 2025) that is expected to bring in about $8 billion in sales. Since GTA VI is the only game in Take-Two’s whole catalog that may bring in a significant amount of money for the firm, many fans anticipate that it will be GTA VI.

The reveal and release dates of Grand Theft Auto VI were allegedly leaked by Strauss Zelnick in an alleged audio tape that surfaced on social media just last week. The voice of Zelnick stated that GTA VI will be unveiled on October 23, 2023, with a debut date of October 2024 in the audio clip that was re-shared by the GTA VI_Countdown account. It’s possible that the original audio sample is real because Rockstar reportedly requested that it be removed.

Supporters have questioned the audio recording’s veracity. Many think it was a recreation utilizing AI or some other technology rather than Zelnick speaking.

The segment of the tape where Zelnick refers to the game as “VI” rather than “six” is cited by critics. After hearing the tape, a few of our writers came to the conclusion that Zelnick’s voice can definitely be heard on it. The “VI” part, though, seems a little odd.

Zelnick frequently lets teams speak for themselves, which is another thing that is inconsistent with his style. He has frequently delegated talks about games to the teams that are actually developing them. Much of the time, Rockstar announces games and events alone, with very little involvement from the CEO of Take-Two.

Will Grand Theft Auto VI make a major announcement next week? It is highly unlikely, which may frustrate fans who have been waiting years for the game to arrive. Although it is really doubtful, there is a slim chance that Rockstar will pull off a surprise.A month in advance of the event, Activision Blizzard revealed the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 worldwide in-game reveal within Warzone.

Players assume that GTA VI will sell like hotcakes when it comes out.

The announcement or reveal event for Grand Theft Auto VI is just a matter of time. To unveil its largest IP, Rockstar and Take-Two will probably be searching for a major event like The Game Awards. Rockstar wants “nothing short of perfection” with GTA VI, and Zelnick has hinted that the game will offer gamers “something you’ve never seen before.”

“I believe that’s the difficulty that the people at Rockstar encounter with each new Grand Theft Auto game. Zelnick stated, “It must be something you have never seen before. It also needs to convey our sentiment about Grand Theft Auto, which is a significant task for the group. To which Rockstar said, “Seek perfection.” Aim for nothing less than excellence, and we’ll succeed.”

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