Roblox developer’s arrest steals spotlight at game conference


The Roblox Developer Conference (RDC) at San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center descended into pandemonium in an unexpected turn of events. Simbuilder, also known as Mikhail Olson in the Roblox community, was arrested in a fairly concerning situation.

So grab a seat if you’re wondering, “What could possibly go wrong at a game developer conference?” As a component of Roblox’s yearly meeting, the event was meant to honor inventiveness and creativity. Unfortunately, though, the seminar ended up taking a detour into the criminal underworld.

The creator of Roblox’s Vehicle Simulator, Olson, reportedly got into a violent conflict with U.S. Park Police officers, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. But it didn’t stop there. Subsequently, the self-described creator of the metaverse told the Park officers that he had a gun, ammunition that could penetrate armor, and a large-capacity magazine in his car. Why Olson would need armor-piercing shots at a Roblox conference is beyond us, unless he was expecting to engage a small army.

It’s important to remember that prior to all of this, an internet security concern had been raised, which resulted in more police being present at the conference. Less than an hour later, a “disorderly adult male” was reported, prompting the event organizers to contact the Park Police again. Videos of a tense altercation outside the conference center between a number of officers and a person are making the rounds online.

Roblox made the decision to cancel the evening’s Innovation Awards in reaction to this unexpected turn of events. Its assertion? “We did not intend for RDC to end this way.” Yes, I’m not kidding.

Although many in the community are perplexed by Olson’s conduct, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the 25-year-old developer is from Tucson, Arizona, a state that has lax gun laws. However, that is not a justification for anyone to bring a weapon of any type, particularly to a developer conference.

Olson is currently being prosecuted on several firearms offenses, such as having an armor-piercing round in his possession, leaving a weapon unsecured in a car, and possessing a large capacity magazine. There are now more questions than answers for the Roblox community, which is renowned for its passion and inventiveness. Was this an aid request? A declaration? Or was that merely a serious mistake in judgment? The courts will have to decide that.

Kudos to the Park Police officers on how they handles this kerfuffle.

Let’s hope that rather than a developer’s run-in with the authorities, the next Roblox Developer Conference is known for its ingenuity, inventiveness, and ground-breaking games.

Speaking of Roblox, PlayStation owners now have reason to rejoice as the well-known gaming platform will be available on their devices starting next month.

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