How to Remove Passwords from PDF Files: A Comprehensive Guide in 2023

If the creator of the PDF attempted to secure the file by using a password, you may have a private, confidential, or proprietary document. Unless you find yourself doing so regularly, having to enter the password each time you open the document is usually not a major concern. An alternative would be to remove the PDF file’s password if you can still keep the document safe and secure.

To erase the password from a PDF, there are a few easy methods.

How To Remove PDF Passwords?

Remember the original password for the file in issue when removing passwords from PDF files. When attempting to remove passwords from PDFs, the majority of ways need you to enter them at the beginning. To delete PDF passwords, you can apply the following techniques:

Removing PDF passwords on an Android phone

remove password from pdf

Using an Android phone, follow these instructions to delete a PDF password:

  • To open your PDF, use the PDF viewer installed on your phone. Put the password in to get access to the file.
  • Tap the viewer’s Menu icon. The file can then be saved in that location without a password by tapping on “Share,” finding the Share button, and selecting “Print to PDF.”
  • The file will be saved to your phone’s internal storage. You no longer need to enter a password for the device to share it.

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Removing PDF passwords on an iPhone

On an iPhone, use these steps to unlock a PDF:

  • Put PDF Expert to use on your iPhone by downloading it.
  • By selecting the Files folder from the main menu, you may choose which PDF file to unlock.
  • Then, after entering the password to open the file, click ‘Change Password’ by tapping the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then hit ‘Remove Password’. In order to avoid having to enter the password every time you access your PDF file in the future, this deletes the password from your file.

Removing PDF passwords using Google Chrome

Follow these instructions to use Google Chrome to erase a PDF password:

  • Google Chrome is a better option to open your PDF than the computer’s built-in reader. Put the password in to get access to the file.
  • Use a keyboard shortcut or the Print icon to initiate the print command after the PDF has opened. Pressing ‘Crtl+P’ on Windows or ‘Command+P’ on Mac will allow you to enter this command.
  • In order to save the file, choose ‘Save to PDF’ as your destination rather than your default printer. Now that you’ve clicked “Save,” Google Chrome won’t prompt you for the password to open the PDF file.

Removing PDF passwords using Adobe Acrobat Reader

remove password from pdf

Here’s how to use Adobe Acrobat Reader to get rid of a PDF password:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader should open your PDF file.
  • Launch the “Unlock” tool next, and choose “Tools,” “Protect,” “Encrypt,” and lastly “Remove Security” in that order.
  • Enter your PDF file’s password in the “Document Open Password” box after choosing “Remove Security,” then click “OK.” By inputting the password in the “Enter Password” box, you can also remove the security measure.
  • Once the password has been removed, click “OK” twice: once to input the password and once to confirm.

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How to remove the password from a PDF for free

Passwords can still be removed with ease even if you don’t have access to Adobe Acrobat Pro. Your PDF’s unique capabilities, such as the ability to pick and edit text, will no longer be available to you as a result of this procedure, which is the only drawback. Rather than being editable or selectable, all of the text will be presented as a photocopy.

  1. Use your online browser, the preview app, or Microsoft Word to access the password-protected PDF. Whatever application you select will determine the specific steps to follow, but they are all pretty much the same.
  2. Either click the Print icon or click Print.
  3. Select the printer from the Print Settings or Print Preview window. PDF or Microsoft Print to PDF should be one of the choices. Decide on this.
  4. Select Print. It is necessary for you to select where the PDF file will be saved.

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