Red Dead Redemption is very popular on the PlayStation 5

Do you recall when Red Dead Redemption‘s re-release was about to be criticized by the internet, who were threatening to mount their horses and seize Rockstar Games’ offices? It seems like they were just the loud minority.

As you can see, Red Dead Redemption looks every bit as old as it should be – only in 4K.

Today, Friday, August 17, the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 port (which is backwards compatible with the PlayStation 5) was launched, and in the days leading up to it, the PS5‘s most well-liked game.

Reddit discovered how many people were flocked to Red Dead Redemption, which sparked conversation.

Red Dead Redemption is the #1 trending game on the PlayStation Store currently
by u/fiwosin236 in PS5

What does all of this mean, then? Was Red Dead Redemption’s re-release on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 purchased by millions of people? Not quite, but it’s likely.

When a game is trending on the PlayStation Store, a significant portion of the user population is searching for it there. This is the most accurate indicator we have of the acceptance and success of this contentious release until Rockstar Games reveals sales data, which ought to occur any time between this week and its subsequent earnings report.

If we’re being completely honest, it’s now pointless to complain about “bad” releases. In a perfect world, Red Dead Redemption would be completely remastered for everyone to enjoy. Not even a complete remake is necessary. We can take the excellent modern recreation of a PSP game from last year, CRISIS CORE FINAL FANTASY VII REUNION, as a point of comparison. Sadly, we didn’t receive it. The saddest part is that individuals who have legitimate issues with Rockstar’s most recent release are likely feeling defeated right now for wasting their time on pointless things.

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Red Dead Redemption deserves a proper remake but that’s probably never happening.

If it’s any comfort, Red Dead Redemption appears to be operating pretty well on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Due to previous experiences, there were worries that Rockstar would poorly translate Red Dead Redemption, particularly for the Nintendo Switch. Fortunately, this didn’t happen. Red Dead Redemption is an enjoyable game to play on either console. There are very few to no visual or performance issues. It begs the question of whether Rockstar missed out by not porting Red Dead Redemption to the PC and, consequently, the Steam Deck, given that the Nintendo Switch can run it with little to no difficulty.

It will be simple to forget that you are playing Red Dead Redemption, a 13-year-old open-world western game designed for platforms that are almost old enough to drink in certain countries, if you haven’t played it on an Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X previously.

Logistically, it doesn’t make sense for Rockstar to remake Red Dead Redemption when it can sell just as much by just re-releasing it to new platforms.

Of course, we can’t just ignore the glaring omissions or the fact that it costs as much as a game designed only for current-generation platforms. Given that Red Dead Redemption lacks the multiplayer modes and internet capabilities of the original, it is difficult to justify its high price. Not to mention that it still plays a lot like a game from two generations ago. The animations haven’t held up well over time, and the graphics and models still appear antiquated. The great art direction and mood, if anything, are a testimony to Rockstar’s classic design decisions.

We’ve just demonstrated that most people won’t bother completing some fast maffs – they simply want their western fix. Sure, Red Dead Redemption’s price point on the PS4 and Switch feels foolish since it lacks any noticeable additions.

The good news is that the re-release of Red Dead Redemption on the PS4 and Switch is a sign that games like Metal Gear Solid“>Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriot won’t look too bad on modern platforms.

Players may rest comfortable knowing that this isn’t the GTA Trilogy restored; rather, the re-release is the exact same Red Dead Redemption that the majority of us have grown to love over the past ten years, flaws and all.

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