PS Plus subscriptions in Turkey now cost six times as much

The PlayStation Plus now lags seriously behind the Xbox Game Pass due to its unjustified price increase, especially in select countries.

Recently, PlayStation Plus users have had to deal with a massive price increase, which is causing quite a stir. Notably, in nations like Turkey, the price increases have surged by as much as 600%.

PS Plus subscription costs will rise by up to 30% overall, as announced by Sony. The new pricing structure is as follows:

  • Essential 12-Month Subscription: $79.99, 71,99 Euro, 59.99 GBP
  • Extra 12-Month Subscription: $134.99, 125,99 Euro, 99.99 GBP
  • Premium 12-Month Subscription: $159.99, 151,99 Euro, 119.99 GBP

Many players have expressed their dissatisfaction on social media, with many declaring they plan to discontinue their subscription to Sony, saying that this increase is the last straw after months of criticism for the monthly free games’ poor quality.

What caught many off guard, though, was the startling 600% price increase for Turkish players. 9to5Software exposed this sharp increase, which left viewers throughout the world feeling discouraged.

Don’t be surprised if Sony ends up rolling back its recent changes to PS Plus to mitigate the backlash.

Turkish gamers are now at a disadvantage due to the effective elimination of regional pricing and the inability of players who had previously registered accounts in Turkey to take advantage of the nation’s formerly lower PS Plus subscription rates. Turkish gamers are now bearing the price for their careless use of techniques.

Nonetheless, taking Turkey’s economic difficulties into account is crucial to comprehending this scenario in its entirety. The value of the Turkish Lira has decreased by 70% in the last two years. As a multinational corporation that transacts in more stable currencies like the US dollar, Japanese yen, or euro, Sony is directly impacted by this notable fall. As such, losses are guaranteed when the Lira income falls and the payments stay the same. Even if the price increase hurts the customer, it appears that Sony is trying to find balance.

Access to classic PSOne games, among others, isn’t enough of an incentive for the most expensive PS Plus tier.

Numerous individuals have brought attention to Turkey’s wider financial scene, highlighting the rapidly increasing inflation rate that has caused the Lira to climb from 5 to 27 USD since 2020. With new AAA games costing around 1300 Turkish Liras, a lot of the nation’s gamers are in a difficult situation where they can no longer afford to play more than one or two big games a year. To put things in perspective, the annual costs for PlayStation Plus memberships translate to 1400 Lira for Essential, 2340 Lira for Extra, and 2740 Lira for Deluxe. This is in addition to the fact that the minimum income in Turkey is currently approximately 13,000 Liras. These figures demonstrate the extreme financial hardship that Turkish gamers currently experience.

PlayStation enthusiasts, especially in Turkey, are understandably upset by Sony’s move, although there seem to be a number of underlying factors for this increase, from user error to general economic changes.

Sony’s biggest task going forward will be to strike a balance between its global economic ambitions and its loyal and large customer base.

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