PosterMyWall: An Overview of This Best Graphic Design Tool

For marketing campaigns, choosing the appropriate design software is essential, whether your goal is to drive income like never before or take your marketing efforts to the next level. Visual aesthetics may work wonders for your brand.

Increased brand awareness: Studies show that 65% of people learn best visually, remembering knowledge better from photos, films, and other visual media than from written words. 83% of consumers who have watched a branded video would consider sharing it with their friends, which promotes word-of-mouth.

Better engages readers: “Twitter updates with images resulted in 150% more retweets than plain text updates,” according to BuzzSumo data, while Facebook posts with images had 2.3 times more engagement than those without.

Boost retention: Research shows that B2C marketers are more likely to employ visual material than textual content: “B2C marketers use pre-produced videos (76%), illustrations or photos (67%), and infographics (59%).”

About PosterMyWall

In digital marketing, the battle between words and images is won by the former. For that reason, you should use PosterMyWall if you’re having trouble creating an outstanding tailored campaign that yields outcomes and value. This all-in-one marketing design tool provides built-in libraries and straightforward drag-and-drop tools to assist you in creating any kind of graphic design.

First things first, let’s go over the features of the PosterMyWall application. In short, PosterMyWall is an internet program that makes it easy for you to create images and films.

There are four sections you should be aware of in order to properly familiarize yourself with the page:

My Stuff Page: You can think of this as your operational headquarters. Everything you produce and save will be traceable from this location. In order to collaborate more intelligently, you can also share and arrange your work into folders.

Start Designing: This feature, which is the website’s holy grail, lets you actually begin designing.

Site Menu: It provides quick access to additional services like your Account Settings, Order History, and the ability to log in and log out, among other things.

Browse: Using this feature, you can look for a variety of design templates.

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Highlights of PosterMyWall: Quick Overview

Now let’s examine some of PosterMyWall’s most useful functions and uses. Among them are:

Making a bespoke film can be an expensive and time-consuming process. But with ready-to-customize video templates, PosterMyWall enables you to make budget-friendly, expert-looking videos. Because of the movie maker’s adaptability, you can convert an image into a video or the other way around. You can download the videos for $14.95 USD.


Tools for creating menus: With the menu maker and other marketing materials for your restaurant, you may design menus that effectively engage customers.

Just look through the templates that are available, edit them with your photos, videos, and text, save and download the design, and publish it on the marketing channel of your choice:

The Play on Smart TV option allows you to effortlessly change material from your browser or phone, making the entire world virtual. You can also display digital menus on your screens:

Plan content: With the My Stuff page, you can easily upload and plan material for free on Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, you have unrestricted access to a plethora of templates with pre-arranged schedules that streamline and expedite the design process:

Shared picture collections: It lets you share stock photos, brand assets, and logos with both your external and internal clients.

Productivity tools: You can simplify the process of searching for designs by classifying and organizing your designs. You may also provide team members the option to change and comment on designs as needed.

An audio component can be included in your designs based on your requirements.

Is PosterMy Wall free?

PosterMyWall does indeed have a free edition that offers more than 275,000 layouts, over a million stock photos, and limitless social media picture downloads. Additional PosterMyWall capabilities are accessible with paid plans.

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How can the PosterMy Wall Watermark be removed?

Free video downloads and picture downloads for print items require the purchase of designs in order to get rid of the PosterMyWall watermark. Sometimes, cropping photos to fit any social network size might help erase watermarks from them. Replace or eliminate premium features from image templates that use premium stock graphics in order to get rid of watermarks.

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