Playing Starfield saved the lives of a gamer and his family

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The story of Reddit user u/tidyckilla, who credits his late-night Starfield binge for saving his family’s life, should debunk any suspicion that video games cause gamers to become detached from reality.

Let it not be said that playing video games isn’t good for you.

Similar to the intense discussion raging around Starfield’s Early Access, which has gamers split on its quality—especially with regard to its New Game Plus mode—the story’s emotional weight punctuates the atmosphere.

When Starfield was first released, a small number of people—more like hundreds of thousands on Steam alone—were able to explore its vast cosmos. However, we’re not here to talk about the conflicting opinions or the sluggish start that some players bemoan. This story serves as a bizarre example of the possible influence that video games might have on the real world.

Starfield saved me and my family s life
by u/tidyckilla in Starfield

Amid the shouts of angry players and triumphant adventurers on August 31, u/tidyckilla made the decision to stay up and explore Starfield’s universe. He heard an explosion around 2:26 in the morning, and it wasn’t related to the game. His neighbor’s flat downstairs was the source of the noise. When he opened his door, he observed flames coming from the staircase in the direction of his home. His wife and cat managed to flee the fire with only minor burns during the ensuing chaotic rush.

This narrative could have been a horrible tale of loss, but instead it became a story about how Starfield transformed a straightforward game into a potentially life-saving activity. Tidyckilla thinks they would have all perished from smoke inhalation if he had been asleep. In fact, smoke detectors would probably have been of little service because the fire was growing so quickly. Tidyckilla remembers that his wife had to open the door in order for them to flee before the smoke alarm went off. By that time, it was nearly too late; they would have to “feel their way out” through a wall of fire rising up the stairs and through blinding smoke.

Notably, the alleged cause of this rapidly spreading fire was both terrible and shocking: a woman residing in the flat below accidentally lit a candle close to oxygen tanks, which sparked an explosion and the ensuing fire. Despite the terrifying incident, tidyckilla, his loved ones, and even their Xbox, are safe at a motel and he is still exploring the virtual world.

A normal Starfield playthrough can last dozens of hours, which means more opportunities to stay up all night and prevent disasters from falling on your family.

The Starfield community responded to the story right away, with several users jokingly informing tidyckilla that he now had a lifetime pass to play late-night video games.

Conversely, Bethesda has demonstrated that it is able to include true stories into its digital canvas. A fan called Alex Hay, who had lung cancer and was in the final stages of the disease, wrote six months ago that he probably wouldn’t make it long enough to play Starfield. In memory of him, Bethesda has embedded a heartfelt message from Alex for all adventurers to discover within the game. This heartfelt homage now becomes part of this amazing story of late-night gaming that can save lives. Furthermore, it seems that Bethesda has employed a seasoned modder to assist in organizing and improving Starfield.

Tightckilla, on the other hand, is safely stationed in a hotel with his Xbox, and he assures everyone that his space travel will continue unhindered. His amusing response to the question of how his gaming system fared in the midst of the mayhem was that the game and console made it through, and he’s “currently playing in the hotel,” thanks to the auto-save option.

Starfield will be out to the general public on September 6.

Thus, perhaps bring up the fact that, under certain uncommon but extraordinary circumstances, video games can actually save lives the next time someone complains that they are a waste of time or lead to an unhealthy alienation from reality.

Starfield’s universe is as unpredictable as we’d imagined, with touching tributes to amazing real-world effects, even if such unpredictability reaches the domain of life and death.

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