Phil Spencer thinks that Starfield is more like Oblivion than Starfield

Xbox’s bigwig, Phil Spencer, recently rubbed it in the faces of fans what it’s like to be the CEO of one of the biggest console manufacturers in the world as the impending release of Bethesda‘s newest blockbuster, Starfield, approaches. As the head of Microsoft Gaming, Spencer has first access to every game that is in development and falls under the Microsoft brand, and he has taken full advantage of this privilege.

This is one of the perks of being a gamer and an executive at one of the largest gaming companies in the world.

Spencer revealed in an interview with IGN that he had played Starfield for more than 200 hours since last November, preferring The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

For those who are unaware, Oblivion and Skyrim are both part of the venerable Elder Scrolls series, despite their differences in gameplay and flavor. Oblivion thrills with its zanier moments and challenging role-playing game systems, whereas Skyrim provides a realistic and grim fantasy. And if Spencer’s evaluation is correct, players can look forward to a journey that is more complex, nuanced, and perhaps eccentric, set against the vastness of the galaxy.

Players can adopt a variety of characters in the next epic space opera. The boss has fully adopted the “space pirate” lifestyle, which involves dangerous activities including attacking and boarding ships carrying civilians and smuggling and trading illegal goods. This wide-ranging character selection alluded to the enormous replayability and narrative options reminiscent of Oblivion. Starfield promises a unique experience each time you enter its cosmic sandbox, whether you choose to be a pirate, a space cop, or even a space bard (for those eager to relive the nostalgia of the Adoring Fan).

Let’s explore the comparison in more detail by thinking back on Oblivion’s allure. Its ingenuity and depth were praised in its engrossing adventures. The adventures in Cyrodiil always seemed like a unique surprise, making the experience extremely rewarding. Examples include getting caught in a painting, coming across a homicidal unicorn, or overcoming the quirky hurdles posed by the Daedric Princes.

While receiving praise for its primary mission, Skyrim’s guild quests may not have been as in-depth as those in its predecessor. The Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood narratives in Oblivion were just unmatched in their level of complexity and enjoyment. It’s exciting to think that Starfield, with space as its setting, might draw inspiration from such creative stories. Imagine adventures that stretch the limits of space-time, meetings with aliens that resemble Daedric beings, or even a starship robbery a la Ocean’s 11 that combine the magic of Oblivion’s storytelling with the immensity of the cosmos!

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This means that Starfield should be good for at least a hundred or so hours.

The comparisons extend beyond storytelling, though. The return to more complex and subtle RPG elements is heavily emphasized, which is something that fans desperately want. The award-winning games sacrificed the complexity and sophistication of their RPG aspects, “dumbing” the system down in order to appeal to a wider audience, reflecting The Elder Scrolls’ more widespread popularity, even if Skyrim was enormous in terms of mood and simplified gameplay. Contrarily, Oblivion offered players a rich and complex system, including guild promotions and weapon refinement, that kept them interested and challenged.

Therefore, the appeal of Starfield resides in its potential to combine creative storytelling with an advanced RPG structure.

The stakes for Xbox and Bethesda are extremely high. Xbox is under pressure to produce blockbuster games after a string of acquisitions, including Bethesda, and a disastrous launch of Redfall. Starfield has the potential to be a game-changer, a beacon that could herald Xbox’s comeback and validate its investments in elite developers. If it doesn’t succeed, on the other hand, it can endanger the brand’s direction and raise questions about next anticipated games like Fable and Avowed.

Starfield reviews will be available to read on August 31 or September 1.

The galaxy of reviews that will reveal Starfield’s secrets will start to emerge in a week, although technically one is already out and it’s funny. Although most of us haven’t put in 200 hours like Spencer, the excitement is still present.

Oblivion or Skyrim, Starfield holds the promise of what might just be the generation’s best role-playing game thanks to its capacity to combine the best elements of both.

In addition, keep in mind that Virtuous Studios is reportedly working on a recreation of The Elder Scrolls V: Oblivion in addition to Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater while we’re on the subject.

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