Phil Spencer doesn’t see the need for a mid-generation update for the Xbox Series consoles

Since there are many reports that Sony will soon introduce the PS5 Pro, there have been many inquiries concerning Microsoft‘s future intentions for the Xbox Series X/S. But it appears that the Xbox One’s mid-generation upgrade will not be released for the current model.

There is no need for a mid-gen update according to Phil Spencer.

During Gamescon 2023, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer recently discussed the idea of a mid-gen hardware upgrade for the Series X/S with a number of media outlets. Spencer claims that he does not “feel an imperative” to update the current-generation Xbox. He also thinks that the CPU and GPU on the current consoles have a lot of opportunity to grow.

“No, no. When questioned about the likelihood of a hardware update for the Series X/S, Spencer responded, “Right now, we’re concentrating on the greater storage Xbox Series S. “But no, like I said, in my view we’re sort of at the end of the beginning. Therefore, I believe we should let developers decide on this hardware and make the most of it.

However, he continues, “I just look at what happens on PC with high-end GPUs and high-end CPU, and it’s not necessarily just about pixel count or frame resolution. I believe there are lighting strategies. A lot of factors contribute to how fantastic a game looks and feels. And as an industry, we have enormous headroom there.

The upcoming Carbon Black Series S features a larger 1TB drive.

The 1TB SSD-equipped Carbon Black Xbox Series S will be available soon from Xbox. The console will be available in stores on September 6, 2023, for $349.99. Starfield‘s debut and the introduction of the new Series S variation are related events. Players who want to play the next Bethesda space exploration role-playing game will need a lot of disk space because the game will require about 120GB to download on consoles.

Additionally, Spencer discussed a mid-generation hardware refresh with Eurogamer. A refresh, according to him, will cause “a bunch of issues” for developers. As most games do not need to operate at 4K and 60FPS, he added that he still does not see the need for a refresh.

“I believe that the situation we find ourselves in is one of, ‘Should we conduct a mid-gen refresh? because 4K 60 fps should be the standard for all games. And since we’re not seeing that at the moment, a mid-gen refresh is obviously necessary. Spencer elucidated.

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“Developers face many challenges depending on the platform they choose as soon as mid-gen refreshes begin. Then I wonder, “Okay, well, what’s the difference between console and PC, if we’re in this mode of every two years, a new GPU or CPU comes out?'” And it starts to feel a lot more like PC, which is obviously a good environment that’s healthy.

“There are also many other things. We are the Windows firm, after all. We are aware of what it takes to operate a more continuous and, I would say, open platform. That is my absolute favorite for console gaming.

An issue with the split screen feature on the Series S delayed the release of Baldur’s Gate 3“>Baldur’s Gate 3 on the Xbox.

Although Spencer does not see the need for a mid-generation hardware refresh, many Xbox enthusiasts do think that one is required, if only for the Series S. In recent months, there have been numerous development problems with the Xbox’s entry-level model. One of the most notable instances is Baldur’s Gate 3’s delay, which was supposedly caused by a split-screen problem on the Series S.

Players believe that the 30FPS cap on titles like Starfield and Redfall is due to the parity agreement between the Series X and Si. Recently, console owners have urged the exclusive release of titles for the more potent Series X. First-person shooter games have had a minimum frame rate of 60FPS for a while now.

It does make sense to keep the present assortment of Xbox consoles, though. Considering that there are currently development problems, adding one or two more consoles to the mix would undoubtedly make things more difficult. Therefore, players must make due with the Carbon Black Xbox Series S that will be released in one month.

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