PAYDAY 3 might be headed to Fortnite next

On August 25, FortniteChapter 4 Season 4 began. We have known for some time that it will have a heist-themed storyline. Rumors of a possible partnership between Fortnite and PAYDAY 3, two games on the verge of significant launches, circulated before its formal announcement.

Khaby Lame, a famous tiktoker and an internet meme, is one of the highlights of the latest cosmetics to hit Fortnite.

The basis for the conjecture is PAYDAY 3, which cheekily and perhaps maliciously quoted a teaser for Fortnite’s upcoming season from a known data miner.

It is far from a confirmation, but this action by PAYDAY 3’s Twitter account—which has a history of making jokes on social media—hints at an intriguing possibility. Fans are ecstatic at the mere idea of this potential crossover given the heist concept of Fortnite’s current season and the upcoming release of the next PAYDAY game.

In Fortnite, collaborations are nothing new. The titan of the battle royale genre has partnered with a wide range of properties in the past, including some that are entirely unexpected (remember the “Goat Simulator?”). A PAYDAY skin or theme is more than just conceivable in this context; it seems nearly expected. And with the debut of PAYDAY 3 only a month away, a partnership like this might be a strategic marketing goldmine for both games.

When we take into account that the forthcoming Fortnite season has a heist theme, the mystery only gets more complicated. A character from out of the PAYDAY universe looks uncannily similar to a leaked Battle Pass skin. Is this just a coincidence, or did Epic Games leave this as a purposeful breadcrumb?

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The partnership hasn’t been officially confirmed, yet. The series’ long-standing practice of interacting with fans through joking in-game dialogue and lighthearted banter may be continued in PAYDAY 3’s social media. Since the release of the new game is only a few weeks away, PAYDAY is likely to have numerous allusions to other popular games, and Fortnite may be one of them.

After what happened with its latest trailer, PAYDAY 3 might actually need to collaborate with a game as big as Fortnite to spread the word about its upcoming release.

Even if nothing else, a Fortnite x PAYDAY 3 crossover may be one of the best, if not the most appropriate partnerships Epic Games and Fortnite have ever had. The least bizarre thing about witnessing a group of masked gunmen that specialize in robbing banks in Fortnite is seeing them after seeing numerous startling characters appear.

It’s unknown how the skins will look if the recognizable cast from PAYDAY 3 joins Fortnite. They’ll probably be a component of the Fortnite cosmetics store.

The inclusion of PAYDAY 3 in Fortnite has not yet been confirmed. However, Fortnite seasons might last a number of weeks. With PAYDAY 3 set to release on September 21, Epic Games may decide to release the “unconfirmed” skins in the middle of the season, most likely a few weeks before the co-op theft shooter’s debut.

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