Nintendo rumor hints at a Metroid Prime 4 release window of 2024

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Fans of Samus Aran who were hoping Nintendo will surprise everyone by releasing Metroid Prime 4 covertly, much as they did with Metroid Prime Remastered, should give up on that possibility, at least in light of the most recent speculations.


Several sources, including the highly infamous Nintendo leaker Zippo, claim that the future game may be released in the summer of 2024. According to this theory, Metroid Prime 4 may be the Nintendo Switch‘s final significant release before to the debut of the much awaited Nintendo Switch 2, the console’s successor. Nevertheless, considering Zippo’s recent less than excellent track record, we would urge Metroid fans to lower their expectations.

The process of creating Metroid Prime 4 has not been easy. Despite being first revealed at E32017, the game’s development was fraught with difficulties. Nintendo made the decision to relaunch the project with Retro Studios, the people behind the original Metroid Prime trilogy, after Bandai Namco had previously been working on it. The development schedule for the game was considerably accelerated by this choice.

Many fans view Retro Studios’ contribution favorably. The highly regarded Metroid Prime trilogy for the Gamecube and Wii was created by the American developer, which is why they were the perfect fit to lead this project. Its experience and familiarity with the series guarantee a game worthy of Samus Aran’s illustrious heritage.

Nintendo has not spoken much regarding the status of the game. Still, a few indications have been given here and there. A job posting in early 2022 sparked discussions regarding the game, and a brief Amazon pre-order page for Metroid Prime 4 was removed. Furthermore, the game was once again discussed due to a Twitter banner on Retro Studios’ account. More recently, Xbox Insider Nick Baker hinted at the return of amazing aesthetics in the future game.

Despite the lack of official details, gamers can infer certain aspects of the gameplay and plot from other games. The first-person shooting techniques were present in the last Metroid Prime titles created by Retro Studios. Metroid Prime 4 is probably going to do the same, adding in elements from the first three games. It’s possible that features like Samus’s helmet display, radar, and traditional gameplay components like platforming and puzzles will return.

About the story, it’s hard to tell where it’s going. There were various endings for the third game, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, depending on in-game achievements. Since every ending was left open-ended, there was much of flexibility in where the story of Metroid Prime 4 could go.

Kensuke Tanabe, renowned for his contributions to the original Prime games, is making a comeback in the role of a producer once more.

Does the longer development period make you less excited about Metroid Prime 4 or are you still looking forward to it? Tell us in the space provided for comments below.

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