Nintendo finally reveals why Mario sounds different in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

For more than 30 years, Charles Martinet has given Nintendo‘s most known mascot his voice, personality, warmth, and delight, making it instantly recognizable to generations of players all over the world. All of this is about to change right now.

Somehow, we wish Nintendo had remastered Super Mario“>Mario 64 so we can properly say goodbye to the Italian plumber’s long-time voice actor.

Since 1991, Martinet has been credited with bringing Mario to life. Martinet’s adventure began pretty haphazardly. His first contract was not for a game, but rather for a 3D interactive Mario persona at trade exhibitions, where he entertained audience members by speaking in Mario’s now-famous voice. Super Mario 64, which came out in 1996, was the game that really made him famous, despite the fact that he made his digital debut with Mario Teaches Typing in 1994. After that, his connection to Mario became undeniable, and he broadened his voice acting repertoire to include Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and even the younger incarnations of Mario and Luigi.

But as they say, the only thing that never changes is change. When the trailers for the new games Super Mario Bros. Wonder and WarioWare: Move It were released, the gaming community immediately noticed a change. Nintendo fans’ keen ears picked up on the subtle differences in the voices of the beloved characters.

Nintendo’s official announcement that Martinet would shift to a new post, Mario Ambassador, broke the hush around the rumors. Instead of giving his voice to the games in this new role, he will “travel the world sharing the joy of Mario,” acting as a link between the past’s legacy and the future’s potential.

Martinet gave a sincere and upbeat response to the news. He tweeted a quote from Nintendo and said, “My new Adventure begins! Every one of you is Numba One in my heart. A statement that only serves to highlight his strong passion for the neighborhood and the job that helped him become well-known.

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This shifting tide was echoed in the film industry. Martinet did not voice Mario in the most current Super Mario Bros. movie from Nintendo and Illumination; Chris Pratt took on that responsibility. Martinet provided the movie with two lovely appearances, but the decision highlighted the changing course Nintendo is pursuing with its venerable brand.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the first game in the series to feature a different voice actor.

This development stirs up a range of emotions among the community. There is an evident pang of nostalgia and longing for what has been a constant for thirty years, despite the excitement that many people have about the new games and the paths they may go in. Martinet’s voice has grown emotionally connected to the character, serving as a reminder of the numerous hours spent guiding Mario through challenges, adventures, and rescues. Fans no longer simply miss Martinet’s voice as a sound.

Martinet had stated in 2021 that he wished to “voice Mario until [he] drop[s] dead.” Fans can find comfort in the knowledge that his recognizable voice will continue to provide joy to people all across the world even though this dream appears to be changing.

Many eagerly anticipate the special video message that Nintendo has promised will include Charles Martinet and Shigeru Miyamoto. It promises to be a heartfelt ode to a partnership that helped shape childhoods and offered the world a cheery, valiant plumber who constantly pushed us to move forward despite obstacles like Goombas.

We’re curious to see if Mario’s new voice actor will stick with the role for as long.

In the end, Mario will carry on inspiring, amusing, and serving as the source of delight for future generations whether it be through Martinet’s voice or his ambassadorial presence.

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