Nintendo confirms Direct Showcase on August 31

Prepare yourselves, Nintendo enthusiasts! The Big N has some news for you if you’ve been wondering what will happen to Mario and the crew after the Tears of the Kingdom hype.

Super Mario“>Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a pleasant surprise for the hardcore fans of the jumpsuit wearing Italian plumber.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be the focus of a special Nintendo Direct that will air on Nintendo’s various social media outlets, including YouTube and Twitch, on August 31 at 10:00 AM EST. This 15-minute program is entirely about Wonder, so don’t expect any unexpected announcements about other movies.

After more than ten years without a new 2D installment, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is being marketed as the “next evolution” of Mario’s 2D escapades.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the only new Mario game that’s coming out later this year.

Wonder is aiming to provide something truly novel when it debuts on October 30, just in time to liven up the Switch’s fairly dull holiday schedule. Innovative also refers to the fact that Mario may transform into a variety of objects, such as an elephant. Yes, the mind-blowing new power-ups in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, including the aptly called Wonder Flower, are introduced. This psychedelic vegetation appears to be capable of creating new monster swarms, animating pipes, or even altering the appearance and feel of an entire level. The game sends Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, and Yoshi—all natives of the Mushroom Kingdom—on a brand-new mission in the Flower Kingdom, a place as fantastical as it sounds.

The abrupt departure of Charles Martinet, who has played Mario’s iconic voice for decades, is one of the most talked-about features of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Since Super Mario 64, Martinet has been yelling, “It’s-a me, Mario!” Martinet will not be the voice of Wonder. He is switching over to become Nintendo’s “Mario Ambassador.” Nintendo stated that a special message from Martinet and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto will be part of the event in response to the quick public curiosity that was sparked when Mario’s voice seemed “off” in the initial game reveal. Additionally, there are reports that Mario’s new voice may be revealed at this presentation.

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This is supposed to be the last year of the Nintendo Switch“>Nintendo Switch, so fans are definitely hoping for a bigger slate of games for the presumably outgoing console.

There’s also a greater issue at play here. Every September, Nintendo has traditionally given us a sizable Nintendo Direct event. Will this replace the yearly comprehensive update, or is it just an appetizer for a grander feast of announcements, given that this Wonder-focused Direct is taking place at the tail end of August? Nintendo has a history of whetting our appetites with specific game tidbits before unleashing a flood of updates, as evidenced by last year’s single-game Splatoon 3 Direct.

Despite the fact that Wonder is the only Mario game that has been released this year, the series has had a great year overall, especially with the commercial success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. In addition to earning over a billion dollars globally, this film has a good chance of winning a Grammy for Jack Black’s outstanding performance of “Peaches.”

Nintendo has us on the verge of our seats, to put it simply. It appears that Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be a lively, surprising addition to a franchise that, let’s face it, could use some shaking up. Many people may find Charles Martinet’s legendary voice of Mario to be a bittersweet loss, but we’re hopeful the upcoming Nintendo Direct will offer some insight on this new era for our beloved plumber.

With power-ups like this one, Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be both familiar and different.

Prepare your popcorn because the Wonder-focused Direct promises a “in-depth look” at the game, along with possibly some interesting surprises (such as a Super Mario Bros. Wonder amiibo?). So make a note of this trip to the Flower Kingdom in your calendars. You won’t want to miss it.

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