Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, Panos Panay, is reportedly taking his talents to Amazon


Panos Panay of Microsoft, the guy responsible for the popular Surface line of products and the most recent version of Windows 11, is leaving the company. Remarkably (or not?) it appears that Panay’s exit was a calculated decision, since rumors in the business indicate he’s heading straight for Amazon.

Panay has been with the firm for almost 20 years and is the face of Microsoft’s Surface presentations, a role he has clearly embraced with gusto. He ascended the corporate ladder, beginning in 2004 as a Group Program Manager and eventually leading the development of Microsoft Surface products and the company’s most recent major operating system release, Windows 11.

Panaytook expressed his appreciation for his experience at Microsoft on Twitter, the platform’s former (but superior) name.

After 19 incredible years at Microsoft, I’ve decided to turn the page and write the next chapter. I’m forever grateful for my time at Microsoft and the amazing people I had the honor to make products with.

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, gave Panay a tip of the hat, recognizing his enormous influence and saying:

Thank you, Panos, for your impact on our products, culture, company, and industry over the past two decades. I’m grateful for your leadership, support, and all you’ve done for Microsoft and our customers and partners.

But every ending, as they say, is a fresh start. There are rumors that Panay may take over for Dave Limp at Amazon and lead the Alexa and Echo departments. In essence, this is the technological equivalent of a beloved character switching series during a crossover episode. Speaking of episodes, this week is planned hardware events for Microsoft and Amazon. Happenstance? We believe not.

Still, when one icon leaves the stage, another takes center stage. Name of him? The person who will now lead the Windows and Surface divisions is Yusuf Mehdi. Over the course of his more than three decades at Microsoft, Mehdi—who goes by the humorous moniker “Forrest Gump of Microsoft”—has played a pivotal part in the introduction of numerous notable products, including Internet Explorer, Bing search, Windows 10, Xbox One, and many more.

Yusuf Mehdi was previously the chief marketing officer for consumer products.

It is evident that Microsoft is not pausing. The business is getting ready for some internal reorganization to make sure the Surface and Windows platforms run properly. We can’t wait for this tech opera to continue, but one thing is certain: the tech industry never stops to amaze. As for Panay, if his next part is at Amazon, it sounds as exciting as his Microsoft story.

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