Microsoft to bid farewell to the Xbox 360 Store next year

The Xbox 360 has long been praised as the best system Microsoft has ever created. The Xbox 360 store has substantially contributed to the Xbox 360’s domination in the intensely competitive console market.

Sadly, everything good has to come to an end, therefore Microsoft is getting ready to shut down the Xbox 360 Store and Xbox 360 Marketplace in 2019. Owners of Xbox 360 consoles won’t be able to access or buy new Xbox 360 games, DLC, and other material from the store, as well as avatars from the Xbox 360 Marketplace, starting on July 29, 2024. Additionally, the Xbox 360’s Microsoft Movies & TV software won’t run any longer, which means that after July, the Xbox 360 won’t have access to any TV or movie material.

The good news in this depressing news is that Xbox 360 owners who have already purchased games and DLC will still be able to play them when the legendary shop closes. You can still use backward compatibility with the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S consoles to play games that you bought digitally or on a physical disc.

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You’ll have the opportunity to re-download a game if you chance to erase one you bought and want to play it again. Similar to single-player games, multiplayer games will not be impacted because cloud saving will still be an option.

Fortunately, several Xbox 360 games are now backwards compatible.

The discussion concerning game preservation is intensified by Microsoft’s plan to shut down the digital distribution infrastructure that it has operated for 18 years. When Sony stated that it would close the PlayStation Store for the PS3, PSP, and PS Vita platforms in 2021, the company’s rivalSonyma made a comparable decision. Hundreds of titles that are exclusive to these stores basically vanish when console manufacturers decide to shut down these platforms, especially those lacking ports for current generation systems.

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