Microsoft is planning to introduce Platinum Achievements for Xbox


Gamers will undoubtedly concur that the satisfying sound of unlocking a trophy or achievement tops anything else when it comes to the joy of winning. Although this feature is available on both the Xbox and the PlayStation, Microsoft seems to be a little jealous of PlayStation’s glittering Platinum trophies.

Recent leaks from the Xbox team indicate that Microsoft is eager to add Platinum Achievements, which resemble trophies, to the Xbox ecosystem.Jez Corden, co-host of The Xbox Two podcast, first divulged this shocking news, which was first reported by Twisted Voxel, during a casual conversation with an Xbox executive at Gamescom.

The unidentified CEO made hints about a major overhaul of the awards system, including Platinum achievements. But like everything corporate, it comes down to timing and priorities. Don’t hold your breath, though, since we may see these Platinum Achievements in the future.

Microsoft has not released any information regarding this new development, but an internal poll that looks into Xbox’s future accomplishment system is reportedly being discussed, according to a Reddit user. Bronze, Silver, Gold, and perhaps Emerald or Amethyst are the suggested tiers; the last two are similar to the Platinum trophy on PlayStation.

In video games, achievements are comparable to the tiny gold stars you received in school as a child. They push players to do more than merely beat the game by setting goals, finding secret levels, completing tasks, or even playing the game in an especially difficult way. Even though you might not gain any advantages in-game from these milestones, they certainly give you more online bragging rights.

In the big picture, Microsoft’s action goes beyond simply donning a sleek new emblem. Its goal is to make things equal with its rivals. It’s about time Xbox users received their own Platinum trophy to verify that they have finished a specific game, as gaming accomplishments are now displayed on user profiles on several platforms.

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