Microsoft exec says that Starfield is a “critically important” game for the Xbox Game Pass

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Starfield is a crucial undertaking for Xbox and its subscription program, Game Pass, and is not simply another game.

Microsoft“>Microsoft just made it clear that Starfield has to strike space gold to meet expectations.

As we wait for its official release, the game industry at every level feels the impact. Microsoft executive Jerret West states clearly that Starfield is “critically important” for Xbox Game Pass.

West, a former Netflix executive, is well-versed in the factors that influence consumer choice of subscription services. He said to, as reported by GamesSpot, “There is no question that Starfield will play a role in driving new subscribers to Game Pass.” But it’s not only about attracting new people; it’s also about keeping them interested in the ever-expanding library of Xbox games over the long term. Games like Vampire Survivors, Dungeons of Hinterberg, and Jusant have attracted players who ordinarily do not pay a one-time purchase charge but are delighted to find these jewels as part of their subscription.

Starfield might be one of the few times that a game meets expectations.

Game Pass provides the backdrop, while Bethesda, which recently underwent a massive $7.5 billion mega-merger, provides the show.The ultimate work of Bethesda, Starfield is a galactic-spanning role-playing game that pushes the boundaries of the studio’s well-established RPG genre. It is ground-breaking for a game of this caliber to launch on Day 1 for a subscription service; deals like these shift industry norms.

Here’s a game that ranks among the greatest of the year, if not the entire decade, and it costs just $10 per month for PC users and $11 for Xbox Series console owners. Not to minimize the enormous effort that went into creating such a massive game, but when you spend 36 hours playing it and feel as though you’ve only scratched the surface, you know you’re experiencing something remarkable.

The timing is also perfect. The $1 Game Pass trial option, which Microsoft shrewdly removed shortly before Starfield’s release, is neatly sidestepped by those who have purchased the $100 Premium edition or the $35 upgrade, just as the reviews are about to flood in. The launch of Starfield is more than just a game release; it’s a carefully planned occasion that aims to increase impact and engagement. The regular edition won’t become available to Game Pass subscribers until September 6, giving the buzz just enough time to reach a fever pitch.

The only thing that may impede Starfield’s success is if there aren’t as many people going out to buy an Xbox Series X for it.

You presumably already clear your calendar if you own an Xbox. If you own a PS5, you might be thinking about buying a different console because, let’s face it, Starfield sells systems. For Microsoft and the industry at large, the stakes are very high. A game of this magnitude’s release affects the entire hardware and software ecosystem; it does more than merely move units.

Future blockbuster games like The Elder Scrolls VI and Fallout 5 will be made possible if Starfield proves to be the runaway success that it is predicted to be. In order for that to occur, Starfield needs to be a game that can be played for years, if not even a decade.

A test, a big investment, and a danger are all part of Starfield. However, it’s also a fantastic opportunity. Instead of just releasing a game, Microsoft is defining what Xbox, and thus, Game Pass, stands for. This is the reason you got an Xbox, they are saying. This is the reason you purchased Game Pass. And this is why you’ll stay, in this vast space opera brimming with options and missions.

It’ll be difficult for Starfield to “outsell” Hogwarts Legacy“>Hogwarts Legacy and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2“>Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 at launch but something tells us that it can be done.

The discussion surrounding Starfield isn’t just about a brand-new game on the library; it’s also about Xbox’s future, the viability of the Game Pass business model, and the future of gaming itself. And that is extremely crucial for everyone involved, from developers to players.

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