Deleting Your Mailtrack Account Including All Personal Data

What is Mailtrack?

Users of Gmail may trace their emails with the use of Mailtrack, an email tracking addon. In addition to monitoring, it enables you to monitor email activity and get fast information. It also facilitates work schedule organization.

This allows you to track how many times the receiver has opened the email and when he clicks to read it. It is actively used by about 1.5 million people to handle their email marketing.

Features of Mailtrack

The Mailtrack extension’s fundamental functions are rather straightforward.

You receive a notice on your account when the recipient opens your email.

When emails are opened, checkmarks appear in the treads.

You may follow the emails up to the attachment’s three-megabyte size.

Tell you the number of times the receiver has opened mail.

You will notice two gray and green checkmarks next to the message while utilizing this application. The gray checkmark also becomes green when the recipient opens the message you sent, and you are notified right away.

Why Would You Want to Remove Mailtrack?


Mailtrack’s typical use is to track emails, including when they are seen, by whom, and other details. Occasionally, the application malfunctions and is unable to track emails because of some error.

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There is relatively little error. As a result, some users are unable to view the photographs in the letter, and the email track pixel is not opening. As a result, since tracking is impossible without visuals, the tracking tool’s primary goal is obscured.

Some customers desire to uninstall Mailtrack from their devices’ Gmail due to this problem. How then should you go about doing that? Let’s investigate.

Deleting Your Mailtrack Account Including All Personal Data

You have the option to uninstall or delete Mailtrack if you’d want to stop using it for tracking. We’re going to walk you through the process of deleting all of your data from your Mailtrack account.

You must visit the Mailtrack server in order to delete the account and its contents. The account settings contain the “Delete account” button. To use it, simply click the button and go! The account has vanished.

Furthermore, it’s simple to delete all permissions from your Gmail or Google account. It takes a few simple steps to remove Mailtrack permissions from your Google or Gmail account. Check them out, shall we!

Start by logging into your Gmail or Google account and granting Mailtrack permissions. The page must then be opened.

Next, choose the “Revoke access” button by clicking the Mailtrack button. Lastly, if you are certain that you want to remove your access to Mailtrack, click on it. You’re now set! Deal completed.

Uninstalling Mailtrack from The Chrome Browser

You must use a separate procedure to uninstall Mailtrack from your Chrome browser if you would like not to have your account entirely erased. You may rely on the procedure we provide below to remove this email tracking software.

Find Out the Mailtrack Icon

Go to the right side of the Chrome browser’s address bar after starting the computer’s Chrome browser. That’s where the Mailtrack icon is located. In the event that the icon is absent, it is concealed.

Navigate to the Extensions icon and choose it. The “Remove from Chrome” option will be available on the Mailtrack menu.

Occasionally, the Mailtrack symbol may not always be visible in either of the aforementioned locations. So what are your options? Indeed, every issue has an answer. This is what has to be done.

Navigate to the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser. The “More” option is it. When you click on it, the tool choice will appear.

Next, navigate to the Tools menu and select Extensions. From there, use the search function to locate the Mailtrack icon.

Remove Mailtrack

Holding the cursor above the icon, do a right-click on it. Numerous options are available there, one of which is “Remove from Chrome.” To uninstall the software from your browser, select the corresponding option.

You must exit and then reopen Chrome in order to finish the entire uninstall procedure. Your software has now been deleted.

Removing Mailtrack from Gmail Account from IOS and Android

Users can follow the steps below to remove Mailtrack from their Gmail on an iOS or Android device if they find it bothersome.

Initially, open the Gmail app and sign in with your credentials. Locate and access the Gmail settings after logging in. The tracker may be found in the add-ons option that you will see there. Take careful note, and if it’s there, select “Manage.”

You may disable the Mailtrack app for mobile devices by clicking on the Google Workspace Marketplace box that opens.

Remember to finish the aforesaid operation by closing and reopening the Gmail application. If not, iOS or Android will continue to reject the procedure as unfinished. The software is finally deleted from your Gmail account.

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The End Story

These days, there are several email monitoring tools accessible, each with updated features and a specialty. There are fewer functions in Mailtrack, a free browser extension, than in any other premium product.

Now that you know how to delete Mailtrack from your account or browser, you may do the task on your own. Thus, we won’t hinder you from switching to a new tracker if it’s time to get rid of your old one. Furthermore, removing it if it malfunctions is inevitable.

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