How to Recall an Email in Outlook? A Step-by-Step Guide in 2023!

It’s simple to retrieve an email (or message, as the program refers to them) from Outlook. A useful feature of the desktop software allows you to go back and change a message you didn’t want to send or wish to rewrite.

We’re here to help walk you through the process of remembering an email in Outlook because it’s simple but not always obvious.

Remember that the only way to remember a message in Outlook is through the desktop client; the web-based version does not provide this feature.

Also, they are only functional if both you and the recipient are members of the same organization and have Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft 365 accounts. When the receiver’s email address is not affiliated with the sender’s company, Outlook’s recall feature will not function.

How to Recall an Email in Outlook?

Since the desktop Outlook client is among the greatest email programs available, it’s not too bad that you’ll need it to remember emails.

To begin, launch the client in the most recent version and choose Home.

Step 1: Using the menu on the left side, select Sent Items to see your sent emails.

recall email outlook

Step 2: Locate the Outlook message you need to retrieve and give it a double-click. This will cause the email to open in a new tab.

Step 3: Make sure the email window’s Message tab is chosen. After selecting the three dots located on the toolbar’s right side, move your cursor over Actions, and choose Recall this message.

Step 4: If the three dots are not visible, select Move from the toolbar, then pick Actions and Print this message.

Step 5: A window that pops up shows on your screen. You can choose to either delete the message’s unread copies or to delete them and replace them with a new message. There’s also a choice to have Outlook send you an alert when the procedure is successful or unsuccessful. After making your choice(s), click OK to proceed. Congrats if you were able to remove the message! Go ahead and replace it if you’d like.

recall email outlook

Step 6: Outlook displays a second screen allowing you to edit the message if you decide to generate a replacement. If you enable it, Outlook remembers your previous email as you write a new one and shows you a notification. Once the message has been edited, simply click the Send button.

Note: Recall messages do not completely erase previous emails, it should be noted. It might be necessary for the receiver to open the recall message before the original message disappears. To ensure that the recall message is viewed before the first abusive email, type URGENT or a comparable word in the message’s title.

Go on for a more detailed explanation. Microsoft adds that when recalled messages are removed from the recipient’s inbox, they might occasionally notify the recipient of the deletion. So keep in mind that even if the receiver is unable to access an email, they may still be aware that it was sent to them in error or in an inappropriate manner.

What to Do if You Can’t Recall an Email in Outlook?

You can’t remember if the recipient has already viewed your message in Outlook. Nevertheless, you may configure Outlook to allow you additional time to edit a message before sending it.

Emails can be scheduled in Outlook so they don’t go out right away. Consider postponing or even scheduling your emails in Outlook if you find yourself responding to emails nonstop, exchanging sensitive information, or simply making mistakes.

By Following These Easy Steps, You Can Quickly Set This Up For All of Your Outlook Emails:

Step 1: Click File in Outlook’s upper-left corner.

recall email outlook

Step 2: Move a little bit down and select Manage Rules & alerts.

Step 3: A window with the rules and notifications will appear on your screen. Click on the New Rule option from here.

Step 4: A second pop-up window will show up. On the messages I send, click Apply rule here. This is listed underneath, as you will notice. Create a rule from scratch. To proceed, use the Next button.

recall email outlook

Step 5: To proceed, click Next and have no concerns about anything else in the requirements list. A screen asking for confirmation will then show up. To confirm, choose Yes.

Step 6: Choose the option to “Defer delivery by a number of minutes.” Select the A number link. A pop-up window will show up and allow you to select the duration that works best for you. Enter the desired duration (a maximum of 120 minutes is possible), and then press the OK button. Click Next after you’ve finished reading all of the stuff.

Step 7: Choose the appropriate exception options, if you have any. To proceed, click the Next button after that.

Step 8: if the Turn on this rule checkbox is available, choose it and give your rule a name. Lastly, press the Finish button.

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Does Outlook have a time limit on email recalls?

No, Outlook does not have a deadline for email recalls. The recipient of the email must not open it in order for an Outlook recall attempt to be successful.

It is unfortunate to say that this implies there is no assurance that the recipient will not open the email prior to the recall effort. In case you made a mistake or need to amend the text, it’s still worthwhile to attempt to retrieve an email.

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Outlook is a really strong email program, but when you learn how to take advantage of its capabilities and study productivity tips, you can make the most out of this program. If you can remember emails, you can make sure that you never send something that you’ll regret.

Although requests to recall messages are not handled automatically by Outlook, you may still use this helpful function manually by following the easy instructions in this guide.

Outlook’s recall feature can also be quite helpful, especially if you are unable to undo an email, even though it isn’t flawless.

Review emails before you hit “Send” to ensure that you don’t make any humiliating or expensive mistakes. This will help you avoid ever needing to utilize the recall option.

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