Little Nightmares 3, now with co-op, is coming out in 2024

Little Nightmares 3 stood out among the sea of updates during this year’s Gamescom Opening Night Live.

We’re reserving judgment until Little Nightmares 3 hits the storeshelves – co-op games have a knack for surprising.

Little Nightmares, a puzzle platformer with a horror theme that was first released in 2017, swiftly gained favor with critics and a devoted fan base. It provided a unique yet disturbing experience with its ominous backdrops and spooky adversaries. Little Nightmares II, which followed in its footsteps, was published in 2021, further solidifying its status as a moving reminder of the anxieties that persist from our childhoods. As exciting as the introduction of Little Nightmares 3 was, it wasn’t without a few unexpected elements, particularly the announcement and the departure of Tarsier Studios.

Fans are both excited and a little nervous about Supermassive Games assuming the helm this time around because they were the original creators of this depressing environment.

If it’s any solace, the creators of Until Dawn are familiar with the Little Nightmares franchise. Little Nightmares II’s improved version was made possible by it. But there has undoubtedly been a change in atmosphere, as any fan would attest. The first two games had a damp, gloomy feeling. On the other hand, this is warm and feels light. Although a nice change, it might not be for the best.

Nobody will ever forget Tarsier’s boss Andreas Johnsson’s moving declaration that “Little Nightmares will always be dear to us at the studio.” As stated, their exit from the series was bitter-sweet. However, ever the optimist, Bandai Namco appeared “energized” about continuing on.

Despite being captivating, the reveal trailer caused a lot of discussion. The series is renowned for its eerie aesthetics, and this trailer offered an original take on that history. With the aptly called characters Low and Alone, a new narrative landscape is suggested. Additionally, co-op play is being offered for the first time, which is both a welcome development and a potential break from the isolating horror of previous games.

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The shift to co-op and a “brighter” aesthetic is bold but Supermassive Games has the pedigree to pull off such a risky maneuver.

It’s obvious that Supermassive Games is attempting to make a name for itself by deviating from the strengths of the company’s first two titles. The outcome of this risk is still uncertain. However, there is no harm in attempting something novel provided the tale connects everything.

Many fans long for resolution because The Little Nightmares and The Little Nightmares 2 ended on a cliffhanger.

In addition, Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games have revealed The Sounds of Nightmares, a new podcast that may or may not delve deeper into the complex lore of Little Nightmares 3.

At the very least, Little Nightmares 3 will be different, all that’s left to do is to wait if this is for the better or for the worse.

Little Nightmares 3 has received a mixed reception overall, however anticipation is universal. Fans and newbies alike eagerly anticipate its 2024 debut. Many will bear the weight of the previous games as they travel this uncharted route and hope that this new chapter, whether it be familiar or different, lives up to the history of Little Nightmares.

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