Lies of P director reveals game will have three different endings

One of the best video games this year that plays like Souls is Lies of P. The game achieved gold earlier this month after a number of delays, and it is scheduled for release next month. The well-known fairytale figure Pinocchio, who is on a quest to become a real boy, will be playable by gamers.

Lies of P follows Pinocchio on his quest to become a real boy.

Choi Ji-won, the director of Lies of P, spoke with IGN about the game while he was at the Gamescom expo in Germany a few days ago. Because Pinocchio served as inspiration for Lies of P, the game’s lying system will be present.

Ji-won said this about the system: “The falsehoods in the game are not just lies you are tricking others [with], but also white lies you have to perform to help others feel better. Users should feel as they would as a human in the game since understanding others’ feelings is necessary for decision-making, and this will be evident at the game’s conclusion.

Ji-won continued by stating that there are three distinct endings to the game, and which one a player receives depends depend on the type of lies they tell. He also disclosed that gamers that persevere to the very end will discover a major twist in the game.

Ji-won also agreed to an interview with Dualshockers while at the conference, and as a result, we have more knowledge about how to maximize the game’s potential. It appears like Neowiz Games made the game to be replayable, and players won’t receive the whole experience unless they go through it numerous times and reach every ending. Ji-won advised players to play the conclusion all the way to “the very, very, very end” as a result.

Lies of P went gold earlier this month and is on course for a September release.

One thing we anticipated was that you wouldn’t want to play it just once, he said. It’s not finished if you’ve only played it once. You should definitely play it multiple times, in our opinion.

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We concur with Ji-won’s suggestion because the plot paths to each ending aren’t obvious based on what we know about the game. It is impossible to predict the ending without playing the game several times.

Since Lies of P’s announcement in 2021, many have drawn comparisons between it and the FromSoftware video game Bloodborne.These similarities are appropriate based on what we saw when Neowiz Games published the demo in June. One aspect of the game that immediately comes to mind is Bloodborne. The same can be said of its gothic building design and animation design.

Lies of P, however, stands on its own. We won’t understand how much, though, until it is made public.

Lies of P will be available starting on September 19 if you’re interested. The PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S will all support it.

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