Leaker reveals upcoming PS5 Bundles for EA Sports FC 24


For those who believed Sony had fully explored all bundle options for its flagship PlayStation 5, they are about to receive a significant shock.

Electronic Arts is back in the game with EA Sports FC 24, and if the reports are to be believed, Sony is likely to include it as a key component in its upcoming PS5 package. This comes after the dramatic breakup with FIFA.

Reliable leaker Billbil-kun claims that Sony Interactive Entertainment is getting ready to release two PS5 bundles with EA Sports FC 24. Furthermore, it is anticipated that these bundles will launch in Europe around September 29, which coincides nicely with the game’s release date.

The game is included in both bundles, but the PS5 Standard Edition is included in one, while the PS5 Digital Edition—which does not include a disc drive—is included in the other. A download code for EA Sports FC 24 will be included with each bundle; players will not receive a physical disc.

For fans of the Ultimate Team, Sony is adding some extra goodies to sweeten the deal. A Rare Gold Players Pack and three legendary players on loan for five games are included in every bundle. The cost of the PS5 Standard Edition bundle is 619.99, whilst the Digital Edition is 519.99.

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the most recent player rating leak from EA’s next game. Arsenal fans have taken offense with the ratings of players like Ben White, William Saliba, and Bukayo Saka. Arsenal fans are renowned for their fervent and occasionally erratic internet reactions.

For instance, Emirates captain Martin Odegaard has a rating of 87, but a lot of fans are upset that he is ranked higher than emerging talent Saka, who has a rating of 86.

Players will need to get over the fact that EA’s most recent game won’t have the well-known FIFA license. In light of the franchise’s propensity to offer little novelty with each new release, it’s safe to assume that EA faces a difficult task.

EA will undoubtedly benefit from Sony’s choice to include EA Sports FC 24 with the PS5, especially in light of the recent spike in PS5 sales.

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