Keep an eye out for the Skull and Bones beta on August 24

Few games currently in production have generated as much drama, excitement, and obstinate resistance as Ubisoft‘s protracted pirate simulator, Skull and Bones.

Ubisoft is bound to release Skull and Bones sooner rather than later, the only question now is, when?

This grandiose swashbuckler has to repeatedly return to port after it was first announced in 2017. Ubisoft continues to sail, much like a tenacious pirate commander battling a fierce storm.

Numerous gamers are feeling both excitement and apprehension following Ubisoft’s recent announcement of a closed beta for Skull & Bones. The dates of this invitation-only, PCplayer-only event are August 24 to August 28. Participating players can sign up using their Ubisoft Connect accounts if they are eager to set sail on this virtual maritime adventure. However, act quickly because the preload period only lasts till August 22. The “Register Now” button on the game’s development page on the Ubisoft website virtually begs players to sign up with promises of high seas mischief.

Looking back, Ubisoft has previously teased us with the possibility of Skull and Bones. It was initially scheduled to be released in 2018, but there were several delays. When a gameplay reveal was imminent last year, hopes were revived. But as fate would have it, the game was postponed twice, trying the patience of even the cheeriest and most devoted spectators.

Fortunately, Ubisoft is raising the main sail so that users can access the upcoming Skull and Bones beta. The Red Isle, a pirate haven governed by the local Kingpin John Scurlock, offers a variety of activities, including mingling with other pirates, building ships and improving weapons, as well as a warehouse where you can store your hard-earned riches. In addition, the Coast of Africa is waiting to be discovered, introducing players to virtual factions that can be dealt with diplomatically or violently.

The beta is filled with interesting stories as well as its exploration. Along with exploring the game’s major campaign contracts, players will also be drawn in by side tasks, rewards, and the intriguingly named “Merchant Convoy World Event.” What good is a beta test without prizes? Players that participate will receive in-game cosmetics like ship decorations, pyrotechnics, and a special emote to use when the game is released.

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Skull and Bones could tide audiences who miss the open-world naval warfare of the Assassin’s Creed“>Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Although the closed beta will only be available on PC and be in English, Ubisoft has left the door slightly ajar for broadcasters. Since there is no Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) attached to this test, there will likely be an increase in content and impressions as well as shanty sing-alongs on websites like Twitch and YouTube.

Though some might wonder why there needs to be yet another beta, it is obvious that Ubisoft is taking a long view with Skull & Bones. Rather than a rush to the market, they appear to be motivated by a commitment to excellence and polish. The firm has made it clear that they want to release the game during the March 31–April 30 2023–2024 fiscal year.

The ongoing delays may suggest troubled development or a lack of confidence in the project to naysayers. But by taking a cue from nature, even the most violent storms eventually give way to clear skies. Maybe, just maybe, Skull & Bones’ triumphal sail will soon be visible on the gaming horizon, piercing the haze of delays and doubt.

We’ll have to get by with the closed beta and the seemingly infinite sea shanties it will spawn till then.

Ubisoft could use a series of wins after many years of so-so outings.

Speaking of Skull and Bones, there are reports that the game that it was based on, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, may be remade.

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