It looks like Post Malone is a big Starfield fan

There is always one heavenly body in the wide gaming universe that shines brighter than the others. The bright star for this year is none other than Starfield. Additionally, it has been reported that both mortals and celebrities have fallen for its extraterrestrial allure. One of the stars joining this gaming constellation is the musician Post Malone, whose name was generated via a rap name generator.

It’s not as if Starfield needed Post Malone’s vote of confidence but it wouldn’t hurt.

Since its launch in 2018, the reveredBethesda product Starfield has been creating a celestial commotion. It isn’t just an RPG; it has the potential to be the RPG, especially in light of Bethesda’s prior achievements. Remember when we were all spellbound by Skyrim’s magnificent vistas? Starfield, though, promises to carry on that legacy—but this time, in space.

Think about the agonizing seven hours you spent waiting in the scorching sun to meet your favorite star. With your heart racing, you approach Post Malone and get the chance to ask him one urgent question. Kate, a committed follower, was in this precise situation. Kate asked him about Starfield rather than the usual fan question. Malone responded with his trademark excitement and without skipping a beat, “F**k yeah, I’m gonna play the sh*t out of Starfield!”

The “Rockstar” singer is prepared with a “cool lil’ rig” to play the game even though he is on tour. Knowing that famous people have our same interests in their fantastical life is both delightful and comforting. Henry Cavill, a devoted PC player and star of The Witcher, also comes to mind. It appears that our celebrities share our love of video games.

Starfield review codes have been widely anticipated by both gamers and critics, and it appears that they have already been made available earlier than anticipated.

The erstwhile Twitterverse is chirping, with voices ranging from Xbox aficionado Rand Al Thor19 to OJ from PlayerEssence and Gene Park of the Washington Post. Some players are already rather far along by this point, so who knows? It wouldn’t be the first time that celebrities had first dibs on games, but perhaps Post Malone knows something we don’t.

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The way that people are talking about Starfield makes you think that it’s the best game ever – and it could very well be.

The fascination of Starfield extends beyond its vast universe, which is alive with alien species and enormous cities like New Atlantis. It’s the promise of exploration and the unexpected, albeit we also anticipate a bug or two from Bethesda. An occasional bug is only a small blip in an otherwise captivating experience given the game’s size and the enormous planetary systems that are still unexplored.

The road leading up to Starfield’s launch has been just as thrilling as the launch itself, which is scheduled for a grand opening in September. There is no question that the release of the game, which will be a huge event for everyone, not just gamers, will occur.

Starfield seems to be a supernova in a world where the distinction between reality and the digital realm is hazy and where an RPG is more than simply a game but an experience. Similar to how Kate waited for hours to talk to Post Malone, players all over the world are anxiously awaiting the start of something new.

Recent history about extremely hyped games tells you to be cautious but it’s difficult not to feel as excited about the game when it’s all everyone can seem to talk about.

Therefore, while you prepare for the release of the game, make sure your computer or Xbox is Starfield-ready. Organize your storage space, preload if necessary, and let’s take a trip across space together. Let’s hope that Post Malone and I both have a celestial gaming experience.

In the end, we should all be grateful that Starfield will be released the same year as Baldur’s Gate 3, another game that will define a generation.

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