It appears that Tekken 8 is coming out in January

A backend update on the Microsoft Store revealed that the Tekken 8 release date would be January 26, 2024, shocking the gaming community just as excitement was reaching a fever pitch. To the dismay of Bandai Namco, this unexpected disclosure coincides with a flood of unofficial information leaking about the game.

It definitely looks like Tekken 8 will thrust Jin Kazama firmly into the role of the main protagonist.

It has been eight years since Tekken 7 last appeared on our screens. The quantity of leaks regarding the storied series increased along with the appetite for the upcoming episode. Fighting game enthusiasts are in for a treat because Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat 1 are both coming out soon. With the likely January release of Tekken 8, this list will grow by another game, adding up to an unprecedented roster of fighting games in just seven months.

Where do these leaks come from? Aggiornamenti Lumia, a dependable digital shop investigator, has made the discovery of the Tekken 8 listing for its potential release date. Images from the most recent EVO events also appeared to support an earlier roster leak, further muddying the waters.

These leaks have all been noticed. The Tekken 8 director, Katsuhiro Harada, has expressed his frustration with the situation, particularly given the old nature of some of the stolen information. Harada stated that they were close to locating the person or people behind these data dumps. Following a series of takedowns by Bandai Namco that may have ultimately been ineffective, this leak-chase gained even more intrigue when the character reveals for Raven and the newcomer, Azucena, at Evo 2023 added further credence to what was previously said to be a “fake” roster leak.

Although the precise source of these leaks is still unknown, the Tekken team has dealt with inopportune mistakes before. Recently, the European division of Bandai Namco made a mistake in preparation for the Evo 2023 competition. It seems that Tekken 8’s details can’t be kept a secret, whether it’s an internal glitch or an external breach.

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The official announcement of Tekken 8 was made in September during a livestream at PlayStation State of Play. Since then, the game has been on the minds of all fighting fans. It promises to be an exciting continuation of the Mishima family narrative and is scheduled to be released on significant platforms like the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC via Steam. The game seeks to strike a balance between providing depth for its seasoned audience and appealing to new players.

Kazuya Mishima’s demise is probably not off the table after he “disposed” of his own father in Tekken 7.

The heat system, anger system, and recovery gauge are just a few of the updated mechanics that Tekken 8 is packed with, as Bandai Namco has previously demonstrated numerous times. Of course, how could we overlook the launch with no DRM? This demonstrates its potential to deliver an excellent fighting experience.

In the middle of the leak chaos, there is suspicion that the game’s official unveiling may take place at Gamescom Opening Night Live. This notion is strengthened by Harada’s presence, which was alluded to in his tweets.

However, the release’s potential date is still fascinating. Many anticipated that there would be more time between the Tekken World Tour Finals on January 14 and the release of Tekken 8. The general consensus in the community is that the early release is a calculated strategy to avoid the excess of video game releases in the previous quarter and open a clean route ahead of titles typically anticipated in February and March.

Regardless of when Tekken 8 comes out, it’s shaping up to be the most beautiful fighter yet.

It appears that Tekken 8 and Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown will set the tone for gaming in 2019. One thing is certain: the release of Tekken 8 will be one of the most anticipated gaming events of all time, given the anticipation, revelations, and ongoing drama surrounding it.

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