Introduction and Basic Information About Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is one of the most unique projects in the gaming industry, in which you get the MMO genre with RPG elements and a shooter with full-fledged headshot mechanics, a guild system and space travel, home planet defense from alien invasion, PVP and contracts, grind and quests, which will explain the main plot.

Approximately every six months, another major update is released that expands the storytelling and adds new features. So the Lightfall expansion brought a new planet – Neptune and the Stand subclass system, not to mention new weapons and armor. You can prepare for the update ahead of time and reach the maximum level and equipment, or just buy the Destiny 2 boost at the time of the announcement and be ready for it without much effort.

Introduction and Basic Information About Destiny 2

Brief analysis of the main classes

Destiny 2 is not about many different classes and races. You will have access to three main characters, which in turn can have different options for development and use.


Warrior and protector. It can attack both in close combat with the help of steel fists, and using firearms.

Can use a protective barrier to protect himself and allies. It has a passive skill to reduce incoming damage to itself and is a classic tank that can also contribute general damage.

Due to subclasses, it can accelerate its additional damage, or impose negative effects on enemies.

In appearance, the hero resembles a mixture of a space marine and a hero of medieval battles and the image of a knight, but in the realities of the distant future.


This is a universal magical character in the realities of the distant future and the world of firearms.

The class is able to deal massive damage with its skills and heal allies in difficult situations. The hero is more of a support class and a character that needs cover to be active.

Due to subclasses, you can achieve an increase in overall damage, but the problem with protection must still be solved through group pumping.


This is the quietest and most secretive character, and has an interesting mechanic of using parts of the Destiny 2 architecture to climb on them – other classes cannot use this ability.

The Hunter is the most mobile class that moves easily between points in combat and uses a number of specializations and potential subclasses to boost damage in favor of armor penetration through the power of the sun or lightning, which will add increased damage against even the most protected heroes.

Introduction and Basic Information About Destiny 2


Since Destiny 2 is primarily a shooter, there are a variety of weapons that you need to buy and get, improve and be able to choose.

  • Kinetic – a type of weapon that deals damage mainly by determining the weakest points of opponents. The most effective type of weapon against players and monsters.
  • Energy – this is a type of weapon that uses the forces of the elements of lightning, sun and emptiness in battle, and to activate them you need special energy cartridges that are knocked out from monsters, and you will not have any problems with their presence.
  • Power weapons are the most powerful type of weapons that can eliminate the enemy with one hit, provided they have a high accuracy rate. This is the most effective tool in raids and PVP, which will allow you to quickly destroy even the most armored target. This includes sniper rifles, rocket launchers and other types of heavy weapons.

Ammunition and its meaning

In Destiny 2, you need to use ammo for each weapon, which is obtained from killed monsters.

In order not to go into boring explanations, it is better to indicate that each cartridge has its own rank, and it affects the overall damage.

Cartridges of the first level, or white, will come across most often, but they will also give a minimum increase in damage, of course, they will bring general benefits, but it’s definitely not worth focusing on them, except for the reserve in case the rest of the cartridges run out.

Rounds of the second level, or green, do more damage and you need to aim for them at least.

Level 3 ammo, or purple ammo, is the rarest but strongest ammo.

If you break everything down by priority, then everything is distributed quite logically.

  1. White cartridges – on ordinary monsters.
  2. Green cartridges – for a retinue of bosses and strong enemies.
  3. Purple ammo is worth its weight in gold, but will help clear even the strongest bosses almost alone.

The main characteristics of weapons that you should pay attention to

  • Attack is the overall damage potential that a weapon has and it is this characteristic that determines its capabilities in combat.
  • Damage is a parameter of damage that will be inflicted from a single bullet that flies to the target. This figure varies greatly depending on the type of weapon. For assault rifles, this is a small value, but high speed, for sniper rifles, on the contrary, the damage is huge, but the rate of fire is low.
  • Range is a nominal characteristic that converts range potential into damage according to weapon logic. The bullet itself travels any distance in Destiny 2, but the damage varies. For example, when shooting from a sniper rifle, there will be maximum damage due to its focus on a long-range shot, and a shotgun will cause a minimum of damage if you shoot from distant lines and a maximum in close combat.
  • Stability – resistance to sprays and prolonged shooting without a strong dispersion of bullets and the sight moving away from the main target.
  • Convenience is the speed at which a weapon transitions from standby mode to full-fledged combat mode, and the higher this indicator, the earlier you can start a fight relative to your opponent.
  • Reload speed – everything is simple here, the faster you can reload your ammo supply, the more chances you have to survive and suppress opponents.
  • Rounds per minute is not the most important indicator, since it is only important for weapons that are capable of firing a large amount of ammunition in a minute of time.
  • Store stock – the higher the indicator, the more bullets you will have before you need to reload.

Armor and important parameters

  • Energy – directly affects the number of amplifiers that you can install.
  • Mobility – the pace of your movement.
  • Fortitude – the amount of damage that you can withstand before the shield falls.
  • Recovery – the rate of health replenishment outside of combat.
  • Discipline – affects the rate of recovery of grenades in battle.
  • Intelligence – Faster cooldown of buff abilities.
  • Strength – allows you to generate melee skills faster.

General idea of pumping

To level up in Destiny 2, you need to do four types of activities.

Go through the storyline and get stable experience from the main quests. Complete a system of contracts and additional tasks that will help you learn new mechanics and increase the level of experience. Grind and do repeatable quests.

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