InnerSloth confirms new Among Us map at Nintendo Direct

A new Among Us map was definitely not on anyone’s bingo card ahead of the Nintendo Direct showcase.

Still popular today is the party game Among Us, which went viral during the early phases of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The party game, which first surfaced in 2018, was a relatively unknown title until it gained enormous popularity two years after it was first released, mostly due to the internet.

The game’s setting has recently been updated to The Fungle, a rather intriguing new location, freeing players from the restrictions of high-tech sci-fi spaceships.

This newest addition to Among Us, which was unannounced during a recent Nintendo Direct display, is set against the backdrop of an enigmatic and abandoned island. The word “Fungle” is a whimsical combination of the words “fungus” and “jungle,” which appropriately characterizes the environment in which our cherished crewmates are currently stranded.

In contrast to the immaculate, inert environments that gamers are used to, The Fungle is vibrant, teeming with mushrooms and an air of uncertainty.

During the Nintendo Direct, the teaser for this new map was unveiled, giving viewers a plot twist: the now-iconic, fan-favorite, armless astronauts crash-landing on this strange, fungus-infested island.

Among Us may switch engines as early as next year following the changes made by Unity to its policies.

The aftermath of this unexpected landing presents a difficult sight, all within The Fungle’s strange fungus-filled dome. This isn’t just any Among Us map, but the entire game is situated outside for the first time.

The setting of the map is unique, yet its elements still harken back to the well-known gameplay that players have grown to adore. An enormous pair of binoculars, for example, looks like an updated version of the surveillance cameras found on previous maps. Its vivid color scheme, which is filled with tones of mushrooms and rich greens, though, gives the game a startlingly unique atmosphere while also feeling invigorating.

Fans of Among Us can anticipate a vast array of new assignments, all specifically designed to fit the island’s concept, with the release of The Fungle. All of the island experiences, from chopping veggies to cooking marshmallows, will be provided to every crew member. However, things are not as calm as they seem. The island conceals terrible secrets of its own, including the powerful fungal traps that may easily fall into the hands of sly spies.

Among Us is literally one of the biggest beneficiaries of the pandemic, going from a game that was almost shelved to one that will be supported at least until 2024.

The Fungle is scheduled for release next month; while the precise date is yet unknown, the close proximity indicates that gamers will soon be exploring this fascinating new terrain.

The detectives in the community will be searching for Easter eggs, secret codes, and any indications on upcoming game crossovers as usual.

Rest assured that The Fungle won’t be limited to the Nintendo Switch.

In fact, fans can’t wait for their chance to solve the mysteries of The Fungle because Among Us is presently available on a wide range of platforms, including PC, Android, iOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and even the Xbox Game Pass.

Between Us and Innersloth are two of the groups impacted by the most recent Unity updates. It is anticipated that beginning in the upcoming year, the creators would switch to a new video game engine.

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