Ice-T is playing a “bigger role” than expected in Payday 3

The legendary rapper and Law & Order: SVU star, Ice-T, made a shocking declaration during the Gamescom Opening Night Live showcase, leaving gamers anticipating what’s to come. Players will be able to complete a special heist task created with none other than Ice-T when Starbreeze releases Payday 3 in September.

Payday 3 is looking better and bigger the closer we get to its release.

Ice-T boldly announced, “I’ve hooked up with my favorite game in the entire world, Payday, and I have my own special heist mission in Payday 3,” hinting at his familiarity with heists, albeit sarcastically implying from a real-life perspective.

The location of this mission, a shipyard close to Port Jersey in Bayonne, New Jersey, is what makes it very intriguing. It will be especially enjoyable for gamers who are familiar with the area because both the setting of the robbery and the real-world city it is based on promise to have an air of realism.

Players will have their hands full navigating through a variety of difficult hurdles, as the mission’s video makes clear. The purpose? Within a limited amount of time, remove priceless cargo from a container and assure its safe transportation. But this isn’t your typical grab-and-run operation. Players will need to use stealth techniques to dodge guards while navigating the vast shipyard using its ziplines. There won’t be any bumps in the road, though. Players will need to be quick on their feet as the inevitable plunge into chaos is defined by enormous explosions and violent firefights. The challenge lies in striking the ideal balance between a stealthy, cautious approach and a quick, explosive escape.

This intriguing development in Payday 3 is further enhanced by the appearance of a new character, Mac. According to Starbreeze, Mac is a new contact who directs players to extremely valuable quantum processors that are traveling through the Roger Wilson Shipping Company.

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It’s unclear how crucial of a part Ice-T will play in this operation. Will he participate in any heists or will he merely describe the events? The fact that everything is still a secret heightens interest in the mission’s announcement.

Payday 3’s graphics will improve as it makes the full transition to Unreal Engine 5“>Unreal Engine 5 post-launch.

How the story arc from Payday 2 will flow into this game is one of the intriguing backstories for Payday fans. The gang chose to hang their boots after the daring White House theft from the previous game, in which they took their presidential pardons. It appeared to be the end of an era when more than 20 members retired and split up. However, in the criminal world, bad practices persist. According to an interview with IGN, the addition of Mac, played by Ice-T, transports them to New York for new challenges and certainly fascinating heists.

Even though this news is fantastic, some devoted fans of the show have expressed their disapproval of the always-online necessity that was uncovered during the closed beta period. However, given the popularity of the franchise and the addition of new features, many people are optimistic that Payday 3 will meet and even exceed expectations.

Payday 3 will be one of the few games in recent history that will be sold for $40.

Mark September 21 on your calendar whether you’re a fan of Ice-T, a fan of heist movies, or just someone who is excitedly anticipating the next great thing.

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