Unlocking the Power of Screenshots: iPhone Tips and Tricks in 2023!

There are several situations in which you might need to quickly snap an iPhone screenshot. Perhaps you want to stay up with the newest styles in fashion so you can dress better, or perhaps you want to preserve a cool Instagram post from your new iPhone 14. Additionally, you might wish to preserve a heartfelt text exchange with loved ones.

These simple methods can help you snap an iPhone screenshot for any reason.

How to Make a Screenshot 12, 13 and 14?

Thus, how can I snap a screenshot using my iPhone? The method you use will vary depending on the type of iPhone you own and if Touch ID is enabled. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were the final models to come with an integrated Touch ID sensor and Home button.

How to Screenshot on iPhone with No Home Button?

how to take a screenshot on iphone

Many people have questions such as, “How can I take a screenshot on an iPhone 12 without the home button?” or Google “How to screenshot on iPhone 13?” Thus, let’s begin with iPhones that lack a home button.

If you own one of these phones, you have undoubtedly accidentally snapped a bunch of screenshots by pushing the correct buttons at the incorrect moments. However, this is how to purposefully take a screenshot with the iPhone 11 and other more recent models.

Simultaneously press the power and volume up buttons. Next, let go of the buttons. If you approach it incorrectly, you risk setting off Siri or nothing will happen. An SOS screen will appear if you press for an extended period of time.

If everything goes according to plan, the screen will flash and a camera shutter sound will be audible. A tiny replica of your screenshot will float at the bottom left of your screen. Without opening the Photos app, you can immediately trim, edit, or add text by tapping on it to enter Markup mode.

You have two options if you don’t want to change your iPhone screenshot: swipe the little version away or give it a few seconds to disappear on its own. Your screenshot will be stored in the Photos app in such a scenario.

Remember to periodically clear up the clutter on your phone. Starting with your images and screenshots is the finest course of action. Gemini will assist you in identifying redundant and even similar screenshots and photographs that you can choose to preserve or remove to create space for new ones.

Installing the program through Set app will allow you to immediately begin reducing the size of your photo library. Better yet, Gemini has a desktop version that may assist you in locating and eliminating duplicate files on your Mac.

With the iPhone 12 and other new models that do not have a home button, you may now take screenshots. Let’s examine some earlier iterations.

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How to Screenshot on iPhone with A Home Button?

You will need a different method to take a screenshot if your iPhone includes a home button. Press the sleep/wake and home buttons simultaneously.

Quickly release the buttons. A little replica of your screenshot will show up at the bottom left of the screen. To edit or share it immediately, tap it.

With Assistive Touch, You Can Snap a Screenshot with Any iPhone.

how to take a screenshot on iphone

For some, simultaneously hitting two buttons can be a little difficult. Should this apply to you, you might want to use Assistive Touch.

With the aid of the iOS accessibility feature AssistiveTouch, you may complete many basic tasks in a different way without having to push buttons or use swipe motions.

Here’s how to enable Assistive Touch and set it up to take screenshots.

  1. Upon launching the Settings application, select “Accessibility.”
  2. Select “Touch,” then “Assistive Touch,” and then tap the switch at the top of the screen to activate the feature.
  3. Having enabled Assistive Touch, you now need to select a screenshot capture method.
  4. Click “Double-Tap” and select “Screenshot.” This causes a screenshot to be taken each time you double-tap the digital Assistive Touch button.

Hence, all you have to do to capture a screenshot is select the object you like to capture an image of and double tap the Assistive Touch button. The screenshot will be taken, and you may locate it in the Photos app.

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How to Use an iPhone to Take Larger Screenshots?

Screenshots that capture what is hidden from view without scrolling are possible. It can also function with an older phone. It will only be available for snapshot sources with more than a page of content, so you’ll need to move quickly.

To yet, the Safari browser is the only one that supports this capability. You will need to download programs like Pic sew or Tailor in order to take screenshots of third-party apps on an iPhone.

  1. As usual, take a screenshot.
  2. Before it vanishes, tap to bring up the preview, which is situated in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  3. From the menu on the upper-left corner of the screen, select Full Page. A sneak peek at the pages will show up to the right of the screenshot.
  4. Select Done.
  5. Select the save location and click Save PDF to Files.
  6. Click Save.

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