Lost Your Samsung Phone? Here’s How to Track and Recover It

It can be frightening to misplace or lose your Samsung smartphone, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. We will look at a variety of ways in this post to assist you in finding your misplaced Samsung phone. You can use Google Maps to locate its last location, enable ringing even when the phone is in silent mode, and remotely lock it by following the instructions below. Let’s get started and learn how to recover your misplaced Samsung mobile phone.

How To Find Your Lost Samsung Smartphone Through Find My Mobile?

Samsung’s in-house application, Find My Mobile, is made especially to find and follow lost or misplaced Samsung cell phones. With the use of your Samsung account, this program can track your smartphone even when it is not online.

find my samsung

Here’s how to put it to use:

Step 1: Use a phone or laptop to go to Samsung’s official SmartThings website.

Step 2: Use the Samsung account that you used to register on the website in order to access the lost phone.

Step 3: Choose your misplaced device from the options on the left.

Step 4: Watch for the last known position of your Samsung phone to appear on the website.

Step 5: You can follow the device in real-time if it’s online, but if not, you’ll only be able to see its most recent location.

Step 6: The device will automatically report its location to the Find My Mobile service to warn you when the battery reaches 20% and the “Send last location” function is enabled.

Step 7: The tracking history is kept for seven days, and location notifications are sent out every fifteen minutes when the “Track location” feature is activated.

Step 8: If the Offline locating option is activated, Find My Mobile can still display the location of a lost or stolen Samsung phone even if it is offline and not connected to the internet. This feature creates a chain with other Samsung devices via Bluetooth to find the phone and send you a location alert.

How To Find Your Lost Samsung Smartphone Using Find My Device?

find my samsung

You can use Google’s Find My Device service if your Samsung phone isn’t equipped with the Find My Mobile feature. The steps below can help you start looking for your misplaced Samsung smartphone:

Step 1: Download the app on a different Android phone or go to Google’s official Find My Device website.

Step 2: Log in with the Google account that you used to lose your phone.

Step 3: The tool will immediately activate location access and mobile data, so after you log in, you may view its whereabouts.

Please take note that Find My Device does not currently have an offline tracking feature. On the other hand, it offers multiple choices to protect your information. To help locate the phone when it is closed, some of these methods include playing a loud sound, clearing the data, and logging out of the Google account.

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Is it possible to follow a Samsung phone which is turned off?

You can trace the whereabouts of your Samsung smartphone device by sending its last known location to the server before turning it off, provided you have enabled the ‘Send last location’ feature in the Find My Mobile settings.

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