Hogwarts Legacy triples its sales on the Xbox to outsell Starfield in the UK

Hogwarts Legacy has a shot at ending the year with 20 million units sold since February.

There are always surprises in the game industry, and this week has been no exception. After being out of the spotlight for seven months, the game Hogwarts Legacy has returned to the top of the UK Boxed Charts, pushing out more current releases. GamesIndustry.biz reports that the game’s continuous promotions have resulted in an astounding 214% increase in sales on the Xbox Series X|S platforms, which is responsible for the resurrection.

After holding the top spot for a while, Starfield saw a big decline and now ranks seventh. An 87% fall in sales since the product’s launch signified this downturn. The Crew Motorfest, Ubisoft’s most recent game, on the other hand, opened at an impressive second place. It’s noteworthy to note that The Crew 2, the game’s predecessor, did similarly well when it was released in 2018.

Grand Theft Auto 5 was another game that made headlines this week. A price reduction for its PS4 edition allowed it to jump from the eighth to the fifth spot.

Lego. Even while sales of Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga dropped by 29%, they increased by 21% on the Nintendo Switch to offset the loss. Despite a 12% decline in sales, the intriguing indie game Fae Farm remained in ninth place. In the meantime, Red Dead Redemption 2 returned to the top ten list by taking advantage of Xbox One pricing discounts. Nevertheless, NBA 2K24 had a significant decline, plunging to the thirteenth rank with a 46% decline in sales. Price reductions caused a number of titles, most notably Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, to reappear on the lists.

Hogwarts Legacy topped the UK sales chart in part thanks to discounts. Nonetheless, during their first week of release, high-profile games like NBA 2K24 and Starfield were marred by scandals and criticism. Specifically, the latter has received some of the lowest ratings of any game on Steam.

The Crew: Motorfest is a surprisingly good racing sim by Ubisoft.

In the end, Hogwarts Legacy’s rise to popularity indicates that it’s a fantastic game outside of the Wizarding World brand. The next holiday seasons, such as Christmas and Halloween, will increase sales even further. Its impending Switch release could cement its status as one of the most popular releases of the year—an accomplishment that borders on magic.

Microsoft is still praising Bethesda Game Studios‘ most recent game, Starfield. Microsoft is ready to make this concession since 10 million gamers enjoy it, even if its availability on Game Pass may have hurt sales.

Is Hogwarts Legacy able to keep up its momentum? Or will another Xbox game become popular the next week? Next week, at this time, we’ll find out.

Starfield might not have been as big as most hoped but it’s still a win for Microsoft.

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