God of War creator has high praise for Starfield

David Jaffe’s words don’t carry as much weight as they used to but they’re still pretty significant.

  • David Jaffe, known for his work on iconic games like God of War“>God of War and Twisted Metal, has given high praise to Bethesda“>Bethesda‘s Starfield, calling it “easily one of my top 3 games of all time” and encouraging gamers to try it irrespective of console loyalty.
  • Jaffe’s endorsement adds significant weight to Starfield’s reputation, and he suggests that the game is accessible to a broad audience through Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming, even for those without an Xbox console.
  • While some criticisms exist, mostly concerning Quality of Life features, the overall reception of Starfield is overwhelmingly positive within the gaming community, showcasing its potential to unite gamers beyond console allegiances.

David Jaffe, the mastermind behind classic games like God of War and Twisted Metal, has enthusiastically endorsed Starfield, Bethesda’s latest interstellar role-playing game.

Starfield, which is playable on the Xbox Series S/X, PC, and Xbox Game Pass, has generated some early buzz. However, Jaffe’s excitement seems to be driving the game’s still-developing reputation. Jaffe has decades of expertise in the game industry, so his viewpoint is unquestionably valid. On his social media accounts, he gushed about Starfield, calling it “easily one of my top 3 games of all time.”

Jaffe has a genuine enthusiasm for gaming, which is evident in his praise. He emphasized that excellent games transcend the platforms they are played on, and he urged everyone to try out Starfield and cast aside their console allegiances. It’s interesting to note that his viewpoint is consistent with that of Todd Howard and Pete Hines, who expressed similar opinions regarding the pointlessness of console wars. In his words, he exhorts players to unite and recognize a fantastic game for what it is: a work of digital art.

Jaffe said that Xbox Cloud Gaming and Game Pass would allow anyone without an Xbox to enjoy the genius of Starfield. With these options, a wider range of players can experience the game and explore the cosmos without having to make a big financial commitment. His endorsement is particularly strong in light of the fact that Jaffe has a history steeped in PlayStation titles. His praise from both parties highlights how captivating the game is for viewers regardless of their preferred console.

There have been other compliments for Starfield besides Jaffe’s remarks.Like Jaffe said, a lot of people are enjoying Bethesda’s most recent product now that it’s out of Early Access. Starfield is an incredible accomplishment and a masterfully executed passion project. Naturally, there are flaws, and critics have already begun to point them out. However, the things that Starfield lacks—such as better resource management and inventory systems—can always be included in later updates and modifications, therefore most of their complaints were constructive. Considering that the game already seems like one of Bethesda’s most polished releases, many who are enthused about it are also interested in seeing how the modding community will improve it.

Starfield has also performed admirably, especially on the Xbox Series X, exhibiting incredible sharpness and resolution that appear unachievable even on top-tier gaming PCs.

Starfield might not win Game of the Year in December but it feels like it’s a game that people will continue talking about for the next decade.

Regretfully, Jaffe’s remarks haven’t been favorably received by everyone online, carrying on the recent pattern of review bombings and the wrath that important staff members have experienced for rooting for the “other” team. The fact that Alanah Pearce, who is employed by Sony Santa Monica and worked on God of War Ragnarok, encountered criticism for watching Starfield on Netflix shows that the console tribalism that is often seen online is still very much alive and well. However, coders don’t seem to have this kind of devotion in their mindset. As demonstrated most recently by Naoki Yoshida‘s public endorsement of The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom during press events for Final Fantasy 16 before to its release, industry professionals frequently celebrate each other’s successes.

The true enmity seems to stem largely from a vocal and relatively small group of supporters who have an unhealthy obsession with these electronic boxes and everything they represent.

In any case, David Jaffe’s support for Starfield is a call to action as much as a mark of excellence. Jaffe’s advise is obvious if you’ve determined that it suits your tastes: don’t let preconceived ideas or console battles stop you from embarking on this incredible journey.

Starfield didn’t need yet another endorsement but they certainly don’t hurt.

While still in its early stages of development, Starfield promises not just an incredible gaming experience but also a significant step towards unification in a community that is far too frequently split by the trivial.

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